'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Flirts With Nick; J.J. and Clint Exchange Threats (Video)

Have you always wanted to hear someone rap about 'The Notebook'? It's your lucky day.

One man departed and one arrived on this week's turbulent, Big Apple-centric episode of The Bachelorette. It really is a whole new world for Kaitlyn's season.

The episode picked up where last week's left off, with Kaitlyn ready to drop the hammer on two-faced Clint. After she pulled him aside, Clint tried to make a case to stay, but Kaitlyn still showed him the door, calling him out as a "smooth talker."

Kaitlyn then led him back to the other guys, where she informed them he was getting the boot. At that, Clint's best friend in the mansion, J.J., perhaps fearing that his wagon would be hitched to Clint's star, promptly threw Clint under the bus. J.J. informed Clint that he was upset that he took time away from the rest of them getting to know Kaitlyn. Looks like the bromance is over.

Clint was understandably shaken by J.J.'s words, so he walked away. But the two met up again before Clint left, leading to a flurry of bleeps and threats. "Get the f— out of my face," Clint told J.J., calling him a "piece of shit" and making a crack about his shirt matching his tie. (Too far, Clint!) Later, J.J. was seen in tears as he told himself to pull it together. Perhaps J.J. is a guy who prides himself on properly putting together an outfit.

Much to the guys' chagrin, as almost everyone wanted to send J.J. packing, Kaitlyn decided against the rose ceremony, which makes sense, given that there have been roughly zero rose ceremonies this season. Instead, she revealed that the gang would be headed to New York City.

The first group date was a rap battle under the tutelage of rapper Doug E. Fresh, where Justin got the date rose. This involved the world's first-ever rap verse dedicated to The Notebook (is it really an insult to compare someone — in this case, Shawn B. — to Ryan Gosling?). But by far the most notable occurrence in the date was the presence of Nick ViallAndi Dorfman's polarizing runner-up last season. Yes, he's the guy who likes using the phrase "make love," as we learned during last season's After the Final Rose.

Kaitlyn went over to say hi to Nick, and it was clear that she was immediately smitten, because she then whispered about him from a janitor's closet, which everyone does when they're in love. We learned that the two had struck up a friendship over social media after Chris Soules' season but had never met. Nick told Kaitlyn that he wanted to stick around, and Kaitlyn needed time to ponder this proposition. 

Kaitlyn told the guys that Nick had returned to the show for her, and they immediately felt slighted. But she met up with him that night anyway, and the two kissed, although Kaitlyn again bought herself time before making a final decision on Nick's status. 

Kaitlyn told Nick to meet her in the East Village, after she got her hair done by last season's fan favorite, Ashley S. Somehow, the formerly kooky gal has become this season's voice of reason, as Ashley warned Kaitlyn not to confuse lust with something more serious. This was quite the step forward for Ash, who once informed Chris Soules, "You don't want to lose the whole world, but actually, you don't wanna gain the whole world." So very poignant. 

Finally, Kaitlyn met Nick on a street corner, and she revealed that she wanted him to stay and move into the mansion. They then kissed again. 

In what may be the least opportune time for a one-on-one date, Jared was selected for a dressy night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kaitlyn was initially distracted by the thought of Nick, but finally she and Jared appeared to click, particularly on the helicopter ride — a Bachelorette staple — and he got the date rose. 

Kaitlyn informed the other guys that Nick would soon be moving in and participating in the rose ceremony, but he wouldn't go on a date this week. The episode's last remaining date involved a group of guys heading to the Broadway production of Aladdin, where they competed to land a role with Andi in the actual show. The prize went to Chris "Cupcake," who got the rose.

The episode ended not with a rose ceremony — does this show even do those anymore? — but with Nick about to greet the guys in the mansion. Things are set to heat up.

Was Kaitlyn right to bring Nick back? What do you make of J.J. and Clint's relationship? Are you now planning to make all of your big life decisions from broom closets? Let us know in the comments!

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