'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Reveals Death Threats, Ian Apologizes on His Knees on "Men Tell All"

JJ and Clint explained their situation, while plenty of guys shared about their issues with Nick.
Chris Harrison, Kaitlyn and Ian on 'The Bachelorette'

Take a knee. Kaitlyn's guys aired their grievances on Monday's "Men Tell All" special episode of The Bachelorette. And if you were trying to get America to give you a second chance, tonight's installment of the ABC dating show was the place to be.

The episode began with the men taking sides over Ian's anti-Kaitlyn diatribe during which Ian was defended by someone named Corey. And, yes, one of the episode's most frequent contributors — Corey — was a guy whom absolutely no viewers remembered from this season. Please go away, Corey. (Instead of Corey, why couldn't we have heard from the inexplicably silent Tony, the healer? We're still hoping to get an update on how Tony's bonsai trees have been doing.)

Ian made quite the memorable appearance, getting down on his knees to "apologize to America" for the way he treated Kaitlyn. Clearly, whichever PR firm Ian hired prior to filming this episode currently is quite pleased with how closely he heeded its directives.

Clint and JJ were given a chance to explain their connection, with Clint pointing out that he is "a straight man." JJ then gave one of the most memorable quotes of the night by saying the two were "intellectually curious" about each other. No, JJ — Plato and Socrates were intellectually curious about each other; you and Clint are just two guys who thought you were better than everyone else on the dating show you signed up for.

Kupah, whom no one would refer to as the voice of reason on the show, spoke up and said that Kaitlyn should have resigned her post if she felt she had feelings for someone outside of the show, like Nick. Jonathan also said Kaitlyn was at fault for allowing Nick to create tension among the guys. That said, if Kupah and Jonathan — who barely count as major players in the season — are the two guys who have problems with you, you're probably not going to worry too much about it.

More also-rans appeared, as Ben Z discussed his mother's passing and said he still hasn't cried in years. Probable-next-Bachelor Ben H said he truly worries about being "unlovable." And Jared, who everyone knows is basically a Pokemon, talked about how Kaitlyn is hard for him to shake and how he now hears The Cranberries' song "Linger" twice a day. Truth-bomb time, Jared: That is what hell is like.

Kaitlyn took a seat next to Chris Harrison, who explained that the Bachelorette had been receiving hate mail and death threats and then proceeded to read several of the most offensive messages. Things were getting real.

Tanner told Kaitlyn she didn't do a good enough job hiding the obvious respective connections between herself and both Nick and Shawn, and Kaitlyn responded defensively by daring the guys to date this many people at once and not make a mistake. Uh, would any of these guys turn down dating that many women at once? It seems doubtful.

Next, Ryan M — who got drunk in the first episode and promptly was sent home — showed up and offered Kaitlyn a rose, with Kaitlyn appropriately asking whether he was "horned up." She also asked JJ and Clint if their status is "It's complicated" on Facebook. Kaitlyn was dishing out the burns left and right.

Ian continued demonstrating the skills he apparently learned in his newly attended Public Speaking 101 course by getting down again on his knees — but only briefly this time, thanks to that "cramp" —  and apologizing to Kaitlyn "for any backlash" she received because of him. It's unclear whether viewers actually believed that Ian was truly sorry, but he definitely got down on both knees a lot, which presumably counts for something.

Finally, Chris Harrison made a crack about Kaitlyn hating birds (even though she has tattoos of them on her arms), which was followed by Joe running at her in a bird mask. Who says that the "Men Tell All" always involves a lot of filler?

Do you think Kaitlyn will pick Nick or Shawn? Do you forgive Ian? Are you still trying to figure out whom Corey is? Let us know in the comments!

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