'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Scolds One Guy, Another Walks Away

Snakes and wrestlers and tampons, oh my!
A scene from Monday's 'The Bachelorette.'

It was all about revealing underwear and power socks for Kaitlyn and her men on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette. 

The episode picked up where last week's abruptly ended, with Kaitlyn intervening as castoff Kupah was arguing with a member of the show's staff. Kaitlyn chastised him for his behavior, and Kupah fired back that he was now "going to whisper." He finally got the boot, but not before he claimed, "I honestly don't even like her right now." Whatever you need to tell yourself, Kupah.

The rose ceremony that should have aired last week was instead shown at the start of this week's episode. Here are the men who received roses: Jared, Ben H., Shawn B., Jonathan, Tanner, Chris, Ryan B., Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey and, shockingly, Tony the healer. Perhaps staying so Zen has its benefits. Cory and Daniel were both sent packing.

The first group date involved the guys trying sumo wrestling. The biggest challenge for many of them may have been the skimpy outfit, as Joe inadvertently gave Kaitlyn an eyeful. 

Drama arose after Tony took part in a wrestling match and then went off to sulk. When Kaitlyn tracked him down, he let her know that he was not pleased about the aggressive dates. "Can we not just take a boat ride or go skydiving?" Tony asked her, proving that he is not great at picking out dates. Shortly thereafter, Tony took himself out of the competition, and Kaitlyn was not sad to see him go, making viewers ponder whether the show's producers may have encouraged her to keep him around for the entertainment value.

For the one-on-one date, Kaitlyn had Chris Harrison choose her man for her, and the host opted for a tall glass of "babe soda," aka Ben Z. After Ben saved her from the snakes, the two cozied up on the couch for pizza as he revealed more about his mother's passing and the fact that he kept himself from crying about it. Ben Z. earned the date rose. 

The second group date required the men to teach sex education to child actors, although it's unclear why parents would volunteer to have reality stars teach their kids about the birds and the bees. Joshua definitely doesn't know how the female body works — or how to pronounce the word "tampons" — but Ben H. redeemed the group with his thoughtful explanation of falling in love. He earned the date rose, much to Jared's chagrin.

Back in the mansion, Clint and J.J. began developing an undeniable bond, as two people who both love turtles can be expected to do. Clint put on his "power socks" and tried to mask his indifference toward Kaitlyn by claiming that not paying more attention to her on the group date was a big mistake. However, the other guys called him out for being phony, leading Kaitlyn to dub him "one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history." That is saying a lot.

Kaitlyn was on her way to give Clint an earful when the episode again ended prematurely. Who is your current front-runner? What's going on between Clint and J.J.? Are you hoping to go on a skydiving date? Let us know in the comments!

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