'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Tells a Guy He's "The One," Quickly Regrets It

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Shawn Still - H 2015

It's a good thing Ireland is known for quality booze, with almost every guy in tears at some point on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette and probably in need of a stiff drink. Kaitlyn also found herself in hot water as the words "The One" were used more times in this episode than in the movie The Matrix.

The new installment of the ABC dating show began with Shawn telling Kaitlyn he's having a "very hard time" with this process. He even asked her if she loves him, as he apparently thinks ABC will be fine with wrapping this thing up a month early. The two eventually kissed, and Kaitlyn told the camera she felt guilty for sleeping with Nick and that her feelings for Shawn are "overwhelming."

OK, but we'll see if they're still overwhelming by the end of the episode. 

JJ had not a care in the world as he prepared for his two-on-one date with Joe. "I'm my biggest enemy," said JJ, who somehow doesn't realize that he actually has many, many enemies. JJ awkwardly told Kaitlyn that he's falling for her, and Joe had to sit there and toast to JJ's blossoming love. Joe then got one-on-one time and told Kaitlyn he too is falling in love with her, to which Kaitlyn essentially replied, "Well, I don't know what to say, so let's just kiss for a few seconds and then pretend that's the equivalent to a sufficient response." 

During JJ's one-on-one moment, he bafflingly opted to tell Kaitlyn that he cheated on his wife, proving that JJ does not know how this show's go-to move — the Obligatory Sob Story — is supposed to work. Needless to say, Kaitlyn wasn't wowed by JJ's confession and sent him packing. Meanwhile, Joe was also denied the rose at first but got a little extra time to eventually secure it. (Evidently, a pity rose still counts.)

After Joe regaled the guys with his date moments, Shawn told the camera that Kaitlyn had informed him he's "The One." Deciding he needed yet more reassurance, Shawn tracked Kaitlyn down again to express his discontent. Kaitlyn finally admitted that she shouldn't have told Shawn so much, which also felt like her way of telling the producers, "Please don't sue me for already telling a guy he's the winner." And we also kept waiting for Shawn to emotionally tell Kaitlyn that he wrote her a letter every day for year (phew, we just barely filled our mandatory Notebook joke quota for the week).

Kaitlyn went to the remaining guys and told them she's rethinking her decisions, which made Shawn mighty nervous. Ben H. had a sit-down with her and revealed he knew she said something overwhelmingly positive to Shawn. Ben and Kaitlyn then kissed, because he's such a lovable guy that he can call her out and make out with her in the same moment. Previous lecture-givers Ian and Kupah could learn a lesson or two. 

Nick met with Kaitlyn, and she praised their chemistry but chided him for giving too many clues to the other guys about their sexy date. Nick was in tears and asked which guy had called him out, although Kaitlyn wouldn't say. But they ended up kissing, since nothing bad apparently ever happens to Teflon Nick.

At the rose ceremony, Tanner and fan-favorite Ben Z. got the boot, with the party then moving to Killarney. Jared landed the one-on-one, which involved Kaitlyn hitting the curb repeatedly during their drive. They kissed the Blarney Stone and then kissed each other on her bed, with Jared getting the rose.

Chris Harrison paid Kaitlyn a surprise visit, where he informed her that three guys would be getting cut instead of just two, with only the final two gents then getting hometown dates. Harrison encouraged Kaitlyn to even the playing field by getting to know all three guys off camera, and yes, that basically means that he was telling her to sleep with the other contenders ASAP. If Harrison were a mom, he would be the coolest mom ever.

Sadly, Harrison's chat was bad news for Chris "Cupcake." After a helicopter ride, Kaitlyn told him she just wasn't that into him, leading him to say he thinks she could be his wife. (Way to play it cool, Cupcake.) After Kaitlyn departed in the chopper, he suffered a major breakdown, bawling as he covered his face with his scarf and told himself, "Come on, Chris." And that was the end of the episode, meaning we'll have to wait to learn which three guys will be getting all that off-camera quality time courtesy of Cool Mom.

Are you surprised that Shawn appeared to be so insecure? Did Kaitlyn make a mistake in cutting Cupcake? Are you planning to brag during your next date about how many people you've cheated on? Let us know in the comments!

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