'Bachelorette' Star Kalon Hints at Romance on 'Bachelor Pad' (Video)

On The Bachelorette, contestant Kalon is best remembered as a rich guy who flew in on a helicopter and was sent home for calling Emily Maynard’s child "baggage."

On the “Men Tell All” special on Monday, Maynard wouldn’t accept Kalon’s apology for his harsh words, but the luxury brand consultant didn’t seem to bothered by the whole thing when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter after the taping.

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Kalon told THR he has “closed that chapter” in his life and moved on. It seems that the Texas native may have moved on to another romance while participating in The Bachelor Pad, a competitive spinoff featuring contestants from The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

“Knowing what I know now, it was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made,” he told THR about participating on ABC spinoff. “I am so happy that I decided to participate in Bachelor Pad and I met someone really special, so I’m really excited.”

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The first trailers for the new season of The Bachelor Pad, which premieres on Monday, July 23, showed Kalon getting involved with Lindzi, who was the runner up on Ben Flajnik’s season. It sounds like their relationship could still be going on post-show.

“I was the first to admit that I was absolutely there for the opportunity to win $250,000,” he said. “And then as I settled in, and met some amazing people, that all kind of changed.”

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As for Maynard’s reaction to his apology on the “Men Tell All” special, Kalon told THR he wasn’t surprised.

“Obviously I expected the worst,” he said. “I knew Emily would have some very specific words for me, as she should.”

“She’s in a very precarious situation as a single mom on a stage in front of the whole world, so she’s got to stand her ground,” he added.

Maynard will pick between Jef and Arie on the season finale of The Bachelorette on Sunday, July 22. The Bachelor Pad premieres the following night, on Monday, July 23.