'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Special': 7 Things You Didn't See on TV

THR attended the reunion with Emily Maynard, and caught all the dramatic action that didn't make it on air.

On The Bachelorette's dramatic “Men Tell All” special, Emily Maynard was reunited with the men she rejected in her search for The One.

While there was some good drama that made it to the air, especially her sassy snaps at former contestant Kalon, a good amount of what went down at the taping did not make it onto the show.

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The Hollywood Reporter
attended the taping of “The Men Tell All,” and can now share with viewers some of the things you didn’t see on TV:

1. The Mystery of the “Baggage” Conversation Remains Unsolved
A long discussion about Kalon’s comment calling Emily’s child “baggage” was edited out of the show. Kalon told Chris Harrison that there were several men present when he made the comment, and it was part of a bigger discussion. However, none of the other guys who were part of that chat seemed to want to speak up.

“I will give someone a million dollars if they can tell me what happened,” Harrison told the group. John finally said it was very late at night, and it was alcohol induced. “We all have locker room talk,” he said. “He crossed the line.”

2. Emily and Harrison Joked About Their “Relationship”
When Emily arrived onstage, she made a joke about the silly tabloid rumors that the newly single host Harrison was involved in some sort of romance with her. “I would hate for people to think I have ever, ever been on a vacation with Vienna,” Harrison told the audience, shooting down another tabloid rumor. When the taping was over, they closed with another joke. “And the love of my life, Emily,” Harrison joked. “We’re so happy,” added Emily.

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3. Chris Wanted To Clarify About His Finger
Chris, who was sent home after the hometown dates, was one of the lucky guys to go into the hot seat during the special. He talked to Harrison about his anger on the show, and how he’s doing in life now. However, he also took a moment right at the end to point out a very important misconception about his exit from the show. “It looks like I gave her the finger. 100 percent, I did not do that,” he said. Harrison confirmed that. “It did not happen, nor would ABC put that on the air,” he said.

4. Charlie Had Beef With Emily
Also cut from the show was Charlie’s questions for Emily. When he asked her why she sent him home, Emily said that Charlie was always making fun of her during the very serious rose ceremonies. He would pretend she had something on her face, which she said broke her concentration. It also turns out that Emily and Charlie knew each other before the show. “We were Facebook friends. Why didn’t you ask me out already?” Emily said to him. “You’re definitely not the same person,” Charlie said, clearly trying to insult her.

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5. Some of the Guys Accuse Emily of Being Disingenuous
When Chris was in the hot seat, a couple of the other contestants pointed out that they felt Emily was telling all the guys the same thing. Charlie was the first to point this out, and added that he felt Sean should have won. Stevie agreed that Emily said the same things to everyone.

6. Alessandro Apologized, Emily Explained the Difference Between Spanish and Portuguese
Alessandro, the handsome Brazilian who was cut after saying he would “compromise” to be a father, apologized for the language barrier problem. It turns out that “compromisso” can be translated to either compromise or responsibility, and he actually meant the latter. Emily also apologized for not knowing he spoke Portuguese. “I would like to say I’m sorry for speaking Spanish to you,” she said. “You do not speak Spanish because you are from Brazil. Who knew?”

7. Michael Played a “Call Me Maybe” Song
Michael, who didn’t really get a word in during the special, played a song for Emily on his guitar at the end of the taping. It was a Bachelorette-themed “Call Me Maybe” rendition that didn’t make it onto the show, probably because it was not good. At all.

Below, watch THR's interview with Sean after the "Men Tell All" taping.

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