'The Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman Confronts Her Rejects in 'Men Tell All'

Her recent castoffs get closure, J.J. and Andrew fight and farmer Chris nabs an audience member's phone number.
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On tonight's The Bachelorette Season 10 "Men Tell All" special, Andi Dorfman faced the men she had rejected throughout the course of her season. Plus, everyone got free cookies. Translation: best "Men Tell All" special ever. 

The episode began with an appearance from one of the show's strongest matches, married couple Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum. Pregnant Ashley got an ultrasound during the episode, revealing that they're expecting a boy. The show then aired an extended, handcuffs-filled promo for the upcoming spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise

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Andi's guys were introduced. The first topic of discussion was J.J.'s claim that Andrew referred to Marquel and Ron as "blackies." Andrew defended himself by saying that other guys had an agenda to make him look bad, although Marquel quickly chided him for getting off topic. Fellow contestants Chris and Brian — who themselves had butted heads with J.J. during the season — didn't appreciate that J.J. waited so long to call Andrew out, while Ron made it clear that he didn't believe Andrew's denial. Ultimately, Marquel sided with J.J. because he values their friendship. 

Marquel told Chris Harrison that he struggled to get out of the friend zone with Andi and didn't realize that the other guys were kissing her so quickly. He then handed out cookies to the audience (uh, how is this guy still single?). Marcus said he was taken aback by getting sent home but doesn't regret telling Andi that he loves her. Both Marquel and Marcus will be seen searching for love next month on Bachelor in Paradise

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Things got strange when farmer Chris took the hot seat. He revealed that he doesn't know how to go about finding his perfect someone, which appeared to be a hint that Chris will be the next Bachelor. Then, an audience member raised her hand and took the stage, where she awkwardly asked Chris if he'll meet someone in Iowa. The two had an impromptu speed-dating session, but it's unclear why she received so much screen time. (Not that we're accusing ABC of relying on filler, mind you. No, not at all.)  

Finally, Andi took the stage, where she called farmer Chris "kind" and a "gentleman." Marquel told her she was too shy to kiss him, Cody said she never saw the real him and golfer Nick S. claimed Andi kept her guard up. Then, Chris Harrison pulled out the polygraph-test results, which revealed that Marcus lied when he claimed to have slept with fewer than 20 women. Evidently, Marcus is going to be OK.

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Next week, the big mystery will be revealed when Andi chooses between Josh and Nick. But which one do you think she'll choose? And who should be the next Bachelor? And do you wish you got a cookie? Let us know in the comments!

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