'The Bachelorette' Recap: One Guy Gets Sent Home Early

Andi Dorfman gives one contestant the boot during the cocktail party after he calls her out for being phony.
Courtesy of ABC

On the previous season of The Bachelor, Andi Dorfman made it clear that she doesn't like the words "it's OK." On tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, she revealed her disdain for two more words: "Poker face." 

At the start of the emotional episode, Andi chose Dylan for a one-on-one date on a steam train in Connecticut. It took him some time to open up to her, but he finally told her about losing two siblings to drugs. Andi got very emotional during his story, and when she gave him the date rose, she ensured him that it wasn't a "pity rose." Still, it's rather telling that the two didn't actually kiss on their date. 

On the group date, the guys got to showcase their hoops skills. They hit the basketball court to get their clocks cleaned by some WNBA players, and then the guys split into two teams to battle each other. The game was close in the first half, but the Rosebud team (Orson Welles would be so proud) pulled away in the end, thanks mostly to real-life basketball coach Brian's undeniable talent.

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The Rosebuds' win got them extra time with Andi, but not all of the guys used it well. Eric and Andi had a strained conversation, during which she implored him to share more about himself. Clearly, something was off in their connection. But Nick clicked with Andi, and the two kissed. Plus, a dark horse emerged, as Brian miraculously hit a half-court shot and earned the rose. However, Brian couldn't summon the courage to kiss Andi. A note to Brian: "Reaching in" might be a foul in basketball, but it can be a good thing in dating. 

Marcus landed the second one-on-one date, and the two went rappelling down the side of the hotel. (Did no one tell them that the hotel has an elevator?) Andi was petrified at first, but Marcus assuaged her fears and even earned a midair kiss for his efforts. Once on solid ground, Marcus admitted to being spooked by the date rose, as he covered it with a napkin, but he eventually got the rose anyway. During a country concert, he confessed to falling in love with her. Marcus is a definite contender, although it's hard to tell if his connection with Andi is as strong as Josh's or Nick's.

At the cocktail party, Brian made up for his missed opportunity and kissed Andi on the basketball court, which Andi definitely enjoyed. Evidently, Brian's not out of the race just yet. Marquel got goofy with Andi as he taught her UFC choke holds -- how romantic! -- but things went south when Eric pulled Andi aside. He explained that he has been open with her but that she uses a "poker face" and is too hard to read. He called Andi a "TV actress" who acts like two different people at times. 

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Eric didn't appear to realize how much this conversation would offend Andi, and he seemed genuinely surprised when she asked him to leave. Andi then addressed the rest of the guys to let them know how real this process is for her and how exhausting it has been as a result. As Eric got in the cab, he mentioned that finding love and starting a family is the most important thing for him.

Tragically, Eric died in a paragliding accident in April, which was about a month after he left the show. Instead of the show airing the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison and Andi spoke to the camera to offer their condolences to Eric's loved ones. Andi explained that it's tough that her final conversation with Eric was such a heated one, as Andi is sure that she and Eric would have laughed off the tension had they gotten a chance to talk at the "Men Tell All" episode. Meanwhile, the only guy who didn't get a rose at this week's rose ceremony was Tasos, with 11 contestants still remaining. 

Were you surprised by what Eric said to Andi this week, and do you think that the show appropriately paid respect to him? Let us know in the comments.

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