'The Bachelorette' Recap: One Guy Is Confronted About Another Woman

Tensions erupt as the contestants battle for Andi Dorfman's affections, and one guy leaves voluntarily.
Courtesy of ABC
Andi Dorfman

To paraphrase a certain Boyz II Men song, it was the end of the road for three contestants on tonight's episode of The Bachelorette. The '90s R&B group stopped by to offer their assistance to Andi Dorfman, but things between the contestants then took an ugly turn.

The first one-on-one date went to Nick, who joined Andi on a scenic (and sweaty) bike tour of Santa Barbara. After a hike, the couple rested on a rock, and Nick oddly told Andi that she has a "great résumé." But skeptical Nick was apparently becoming a believer in this process and received the date rose. 

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On the group date, the chosen men joined Boyz II Men to learn the words to their 1994 Grammy-winning hit "I'll Make Love to You." The guys seemed to be having fun during their performance of the tune in front of a live audience, but it's also clear why these guys are on this particular reality show and not, say, The Voice. Translation: It's hard to blame the little girl in the audience who was covering her ears. 

Later that night, Andi shared some laughs with a couple of the guys, including Cody and Marquel. She kissed Marcus and Josh, and Marcus was visibly bitter when Josh nabbed the date rose. Josh is clearly the guy to beat at the moment. 

Forget about going from a boy to a man: JJ went from a man to a much older man during his one-on-one date with Andi. The two of them underwent extensive aging makeup and then interacted with bewildered bystanders in a date that appeared to be inspired by the recent Johnny Knoxville film Bad Grandpa

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For dinner, Andi and JJ went back to their regular selves, which meant no more makeup or raspy voices (didn't Andi's old-lady voice make her sound a bit like Lindsay Lohan?). JJ opened up to Andi about getting picked on when he was younger for being quirky. Andi gave him the date rose, and they kissed, but they don't appear to have oodles of chemistry. 

There was plenty of drama back in the mansion. First, Ron sadly learned that a close friend had passed away, and so Ron headed back home. Then, as the cocktail party went on, JJ and Josh approached Andrew about the fact that he got a woman's phone number during a recent restaurant trip and then bragged about it to the other contestants. It's hard to believe that Andrew would do something like that on this show, given the quick ax that previous contestants like last season's James Case earned after similar missteps.  

It appears that the situation will come to a head during tomorrow's episode. In the meantime, here are the 10 guys who received roses tonight, joining Nick, Josh and JJ: Marcus, Brian, Marquel, Tasos, Cody, Chris, Patrick, Eric, Dylan and Andrew. That meant opera singer Bradley and "lamp guy" Brett were sent packing. 

What did you think of Andi's dates and eliminations? Do you think Andrew deserves to stay on the show? And did this episode forever ruin "I'll Make Love to You" for you? Let us know in the comments!

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