'The Bachelorette' Season 10 Premiere Recap: 25 New Guys, Plus One Party Crasher

Andi Dorfman gets a second chance at love on ABC's dating show as a familiar face begs to meet her.
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Andi Dorfman

It's time for a clean slate, y'all! ABC's The Bachelorette season 10 premiered on Monday with Andi Dorfman as its star, along with 25 new men, one familiar gate-crasher and a whole lot of cookies. 

Host Chris Harrison began the show on a somber note, paying tribute to contestant Eric Hill, who died at the age of 30 following a paragliding accident last month. "He will be greatly missed, and we dedicate this season to him," Harrison said. 

Viewers got a glimpse at 27-year-old Andi's life as an assistant district attorney in Atlanta, and she could not have sounded more thrilled to be on the show. She also says "y'all" a lot (drinking game alert!). After her parents wished her well, she had a tearful sit-down with her sister and vowed to kiss plenty of guys on the show. Nothing wrong with that.

Conspicuously absent was any mention whatsoever of Juan Pablo Galavis, last season's Bachelor and clearly a polarizing figure. Andi was one of his final three ladies but left him behind in a huff after their disastrous Fantasy Suite date. And after he declared himself "done" with the show in last season's finale, ABC is proving that the feeling is mutual.

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Next was a Pretty Woman-style trying-on-clothes montage -- including Andi donning a tank top with a rose on it -- and then those limos full of eligible hunks. Here are some of the most memorable entrances, for better or worse:

The first out of the car was 25-year-old Marcus, who works in sports medicine. There was instant chemistry, with Andi saying as he walked away, "OK, he is hot."

It took a while for the first gimmicky introduction to arrive, but then they came fast and furious. First to use a visual aid was Tasos, a wedding event coordinator who pulled a lock and key out of his pocket to attach to a garden fixture. Another prop arrived when Brett took a hotel lamp out of the limo to give to Andi. (Brick from Anchorman may have loved lamp, but Andi appears indifferent to lamp.)

There was personal trainer Cody, who pushed the limo up the driveway, followed by pro golfer Nick S., who arrived via golf cart. Then Patrick kicked a soccer ball to Andi. "Again, we got another soccer player?" she quipped in a rare allusion to He Who Must Not Be Named. And Steven cracked her up by saying how "stoked" he was to meet her. Things aren't looking good for Steven.

Once everyone was in the mansion, Andi got more time to chat with them. Josh M., a 29-year-old former basketball player who lives in Atlanta, was the first to pull her aside, and Andi was smitten. Also making a strong impression was Marquel, who offered Andi a cookie taste test. Multilingual Marcus is clearly a front-runner, as is farmer Chris. Much less of a front-runner is Bradley, an opera singer who showed off his pipes to the guys, apparently without solicitation. (Between Sharleen Joynt on last season's Bachelor and now Bradley, where is ABC finding all these opera singers?)

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Andi got one-on-one time with Hill, who talked to her about his love of adventure and his mission to visit every country in the world. But she decided to give the coveted first-impression rose to Nick V., who impressed her with his polka-dotted tie and his stories about being a father figure for his 10 siblings.

And yes, there is one more guy. Chris Bukowski, who vied for Emily Maynard's love in season 8 and competed for cash on Bachelor Pad's third season, is back at the mansion yet again, this time without an invite. He explained to Harrison that he is smitten with Andi and wants to meet her and give her a bouquet of roses. But when Harrison let Andi know about the situation, she wasn't having it. We're not really sure why Kacie Boguskie and Shawntel Newton got second tries on previous seasons but Chris doesn't. Well, alas for Chris, Andi has spoken.

Here are the lucky guys who received roses tonight: JJ, the "pantsapreneur" (uh, OK); Eric; Marquel, the cookie aficionado; Craig; Tasos; Josh M.; Brian; Bradley, the opera singer; Marcus; Andrew; RonCarl; Chris; Dylan; Brett, aka "Lamp Guy"; Patrick; Cody and Nick S.

What did you think of Andi's premiere episode? Do you think she'll find love in this group -- and are you happy with her cuts? Are you suddenly yearning for a cookie? Sound off in the comments!

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