'The Bachelorette' Shocker: Ashley Hebert Eliminates a Front-Runner

"I'm just not feeling it," she says before sending the contestant packing in the middle of their date.
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Ashley Hebert shocked viewers of ABC's The Bachelorette on Monday night by eliminating a front-runner right in the middle of their one-on-one date.


The reality star said goodbye to Ryan, the happy-go-lucky guy whose inability to be anything other than cheerful had started to grate on many of the other contestants' nerves.

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The two seemed to have lots of chemistry as the season progressed, but on Monday night's episode, Ashley apparently decided he wasn't husband material despite his being the "perfect guy" on paper.

"I'm just not feeling it," she told him on their date before sending him packing. "I respect you so much that I don't want to put you through the rose ceremony."

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For his part, Ryan was shocked.

"I felt like she was the one for me," he told the camera. "I didn’t see it coming."

Ashley competed on the previous season of The Bachelor, starring Brad Womack, before signing on for her own shot at picking from a group of potential suitors.


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