'The Bachelorette': Twitter Users Weigh In on Ashley Hebert's Bentley Obsession

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Portrait 2011

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

For viewers of ABC's The Bachelorette, Bentley has become one of the most controversial contestants ever.

And on Monday night, her continued obsession with him sparked plenty of reaction on Twitter.

Ashley Hebert's would-be suitor abruptly exited the show two episodes ago after admittedly stringing her along.
Claiming he was not attracted to her in the least, he lied to her when telling her he had to leave to be with his young daughter.
He told cameras: “These tools, these freaking idiots they believe me.  All the guys know I’m a frontrunner. None of them have any idea that I don’t care about Ashley. I had the opportunity and I played everyone. That is something that has never been done before.”
(The ironic part is that Hebert was warned by a friend before the show started taping that Bentley was, to use a show-favorite phrase, "there for the wrong reasons," but proceeded to fall for him anyway.)
Still, when he departed the show, he left it open-ended with Hebert, saying their relationship was ending not with a period but with a "dot-dot-dot."
So last week, ABC implied in its teaser that Bentley would be returning the next episode, but it wasn't the case. But Hebert apparently mentioned Bentley enough times on Monday night to spark plenty of Twitter reaction from viewers.
"Ashley is one of those girls that over-thinks & keeps beating a dead horse. He's just not that into you. Get over it," wrote Erica Lam.
Added Taryn: "Thanks a lot bachelorette ashley for making women everywhere look sad and pathetic. UGH. this season is so frustrating."
Tweeted Spencer Jane Brunson: "#Bentley's ego is much bigger now thanks to #Ashley . I sure hope she finds her happy ending because the other guys are MUCH BETTER!"
"Please don't say the name #bentley  again. #Bachelorette my ears may start bleeding from the pain," added Gwen McCoy.
Wrote the Sports Gal: "Bachelorette drinking game: drink every time Ashley says 'insecure' or 'insecurities.' And make sure you have enough wine."
"Ashley is getting on my nerves. Get over #Bentley!" added Kim Leslie.
Still, it seems likely that producers are just setting viewers up for Bentley's inevitable return -- whenever that may be.