‘The Bachelorette’ Villain Chad Takes Aim at Frontrunner Jordan: “The Guy Is Just Full of S—”

Chad and Jordan from The Bachelorette_Split - Publicity - H 2016
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Chad and Jordan from The Bachelorette_Split - Publicity - H 2016

From death threats to bloody knuckles, The Bachelorette villain did not hold back in attacking the men of JoJo Fletcher’s season, and now it appears the Chad-ageddon is far from over.

Since his elimination, the controversial contestant has led a full-fledged campaign to take down JoJo’s remaining suitors off-screen. He has locked lips with Robby Hayes’ ex, dug up the “truth” on Grant Kemp through his former girlfriend and has spared no mercy with the season's frontrunner, Jordan Rodgers.

“I mean the guy is just full of shit,” Chad tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I know within two seconds what somebody wants to do with things. And that dude just showed up trying to put on a show."

The Chad vs. Jordan rivalry climaxed during Chad’s last day on The Bachelorette when he threatened to hunt him down. “You think this is a show and you think you're safe for now, but one day this ends, and when I go home," the luxury real estate agent said to the former professional football player, "You think I can't find you?”

After sparring on air (he was eliminated during the third week), Chad has continued to publicly question Jordan's character. When it was announced that Jordan landed a gig at the SEC Network, Chad took to Twitter:

He also poked fun at Jordan when the ABC series aired details of his estranged relationship with brother Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers:

When asked if JoJo would be making a mistake if she ends up with Jordan, Chad stuck to being skeptical. “Depends on what a mistake is," he says. "Are they looking to get endorsements and play it out for eight to nine months, or are they looking to have an actual relationship?”

Chad, who will return to reality TV when the franchise's spinoff Bachelor In Paradise premieres on Aug. 2, says his only regrets during JoJo's season were that his threats didn't stick.

“I thought that by trying to scare them, it would shut them up," he says of the violence he initiated against his housemates. "In reality, trying to scare them only made them talk more.”

The Bachelorette two-part special kicks off Monday with JoJo's Fantasy Suites episode and continues Tuesday with the Men Tell All special, which reunites JoJo with Chad and all of her exes. Both episodes air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.