'The Bachelorette' Reveals Winner of Guys' Votes

One of the men left the show during the rose ceremony to pursue the woman who wasn't chosen.
Courtesy of ABC

The Bachelorette is finally down to just one lucky lady. 

Season 11's two-part premiere began with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson competing for the votes of the 25 men. On Tuesday's follow-up episode, the votes were tallied, and Kaitlyn emerged victorious.

"All I want to do is just run in there," Kaitlyn told host Chris Harrison after learning the news. "Hands down the best moment of my life, hands down."

The elated Kaitlyn then called her mom to pass along the good news. "I just found out right now — I'm trying not to throw up," she gushed. 

Kaitlyn's selection was met with mixed reactions by the men. Welder Joshua called it a "huge sigh of relief" and presented her with a metal rose he had made. 

Others had been firmly on Team Britt, including David, Tony and Brady, and they clearly were struggling, with Brady in particular appearing quite rattled. 

The guys got extra time with Kaitlyn, with Jared opting to come clean and admit to having voted for Britt. Shawn B. furthered his connection with Kaitlyn, landing the first-impression rose and a kiss.

At the rose ceremony, roses went to a number of guys who voted for Britt, including Kupah, Daniel, Jonathan and healer Tony, which bothered some of the other gentlemen. 

A big twist came when musician Brady interrupted the ceremony to tell Kaitlyn that he was taking himself out of the competition in order to see what might happen with Britt. "My heart is with the woman who left a couple hours ago," he confessed.

The final rose went to Jared, who had admitted to voting for Britt, with a number of guys getting sent home, including Shawn E., the amateur sex coach who arrived in a hot-tub vehicle. Clearly, some of the dismissals were less surprising than others. 

Are you surprised that Kaitlyn won? Do Brady and Britt have a future? Do you think that Shawn E. drove home in his hot-tub car? Let us know in the comments!

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