'Bachelorette's' Ashley Hebert Defended by Larry David (Video)

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star offers to "kill" Bentley for breaking her heart.

Bentley broke Ashley Hebert's heart on The Bachelorette -- and Larry David is none too pleased.

VIDEO: Meet Ashley Hebert

On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday, David kept interrupting Leno's interview with Hebert, who was explaining how Bentley quit the show after declaring his love for Ashley Maynard. Watch below.

"I'm gonna kill that mo fo," David promised. "I don't know what this guy did, but I really dislike him."

When Leno asked Hebert if she'd take Bentley back, David interjected: "No, no she won't. I won't let her."

Earlier in the show, David and Leno discussed the Curb star's 2007 divorce from Laurie David.

Leno asked, "Who's fault was the divorce?" David answered back with, "I don't like the tenor of that question."

But Leno, wanting a firm response, continued on, asking: "Well I'm trying to be concise. Who screwed up?" David said bluntly, "You're being very disrespectful, Jay."

After a few more moments, David finally confessed: "She thought it would be nice to have sex with someone she liked. She wanted to try that. And I said it's not a good idea. Because you never want to have sex with people you like. ... And then you're supposed to talk to them?"


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