'Bachelorette's' JP Rosenbaum: 5 Things to Know

Ashley Hebert accepted a proposal from the 34-year-old construction manager on the Monday finale of the ABC reality show.
Matt Klitscher/ABC

Ashley Hebert accepted a proposal from JP Rosenbaum on Monday night's finale of The Bachelorette.

"My relationship with JP is everything I've ever wanted in a marriage," Hebert said of her fiance. "We have this passion for each other, but we also have this magical, unspoken connection where it's so easy and it feels like I've known him forever. He's committed and he's going to be a great family man. He is the total package for me."

Here are five things you may now know about Rosenbaum.

1. Rosenbaum, 34, lives in the New York City suburb of Roslyn, New York, where he works as a construction manager.

2. Hebert's sister, Chrystie, does not approve of their engagement. "I don't think he's The One," she told Hebert before Rosenbaum proposed. "What worries me is that I think you're too much for him."

3. He writes in his ABC bio that his three worst attributes are that he's "Stubborn. Frustrated too easily when things don't go my way. Lack of patience."

4. His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. "Fourth of July -- holidays in the middle of summer where the weather is amazing, heading out to a beach with booze, having the right girl by your side, sitting at the fire on that beach at night. It's the ultimate summer weekend/"

5. His best trip: "I traveled to Australia for 2 months when I was about 26. i just picked up and left, on my own, and bounced around the east coast of Australia. Time of my life."


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