Bar Refaeli's GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad: By the Numbers

Go Daddy: Perfect Pitch

It's the romantic pairing all of America is talking about, but for all the wrong reasons.

Web-hosting service's Super Bowl commercial -- in which Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli kisses deeply, lengthily and quite audibly, a curly headed nerd-type named "Walter" (actually a busy TV and film actor named Jesse Heiman) -- has managed against all odds to crisscross cultural divides and effectively gross out an entire nation.

In honor of this dubious achievement in advertising, we break "Perfect Date" down for you by the numbers.


2: Number of previous versions of the ad rejected by CBS for being "too indecent." [source]

3.3: Rank the ad received from USA Today Ad Meter, bringing it in dead last. [source]

10: Seconds Refaeli and Heiman lock lips on screen.

11: Percent of social media response to the ad deemed "positive." [source]

16: Percent of Twitter reaction to the ad deemed "positive." [source]

27: Refaeli's age in years.

34: Heiman's age in years.

45: Takes it took to capture the perfect kiss, according to Heiman. [source]

65: TV and film credits for Heiman, according to IMDb. [source]

4,382: Heiman's total Twitter followers.

133,333: Cost to air an ad during the Super Bowl, per second, in dollars.

290,000: Total reactions to "Perfect Date" on Twitter. [source]

417,560: Refaeli's total Twitter followers.

1,333,333: Cost to air 10 seconds of supermodel-on-nerd French kissing during Super Bowl, in dollars.

3,045,991: YouTube views of World's Greatest Extra, a fan video about Heiman's screen work.

3,750,000: Average cost of one 30-second ad airing on Super Bowl XLVII, in dollars.

7,500,000: Cost to air's ad twice during the game, in dollars.