Reporter Heckles President Obama, Asks Why He 'Favors Foreign Workers' (Video)

Barack Obama Homeland Speech - H 2012
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Barack Obama Homeland Speech - H 2012

President Barack Obama could have used an anger translator Friday, when the famously calm commander in chief was interrupted—and then heckled—by a reporter attending a press conference in the White House rose garden.

Obama has spoken fondly about a sketch on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, in which a rather aggressive man named Luther translates all of the president’s anger toward his detractors -- often to obscene extremes. Obama even joked to the show’s stars that he wouldn’t mind having an anger translator for the upcoming election.

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But on Friday, Obama had only himself to respond when he faced the heckler, a reporter from the Daily Caller.

Obama was making remarks about a policy change that will see the U.S.  pursue a more lenient course when it comes to deporting young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

"Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?" asked Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro.

Obama remained cool but appeared annoyed, holding up his hand and saying “Excuse me sir. Now is not the time for questions sir. Not while I’m speaking.”

After Obama finished his remarks, he addressed Monro, who again interrupted while the president was speaking.

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“The next time I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question,” Obama said, before saying the new policy was "the right thing to do for the American people.”

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News commentator and co-founder of the Daily Caller, praised the reporter’s actions, saying he did "what reporters are supposed to do -- get their questions answered.”

Watch the video below.