Barbara Walters Lands First Interview With Casey Anthony’s Lawyer

Her sit-down with Jose Baez will be spread across ABC News broadcasts as well as The View on Wednesday and Thursday.
Red Huber/Getty Images

ABC’s Barbara Walters has landed the first sit-down with Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez.

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The interview will be spread across ABC News broadcasts as well as The View on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, portions of the interview will air on World News with Diane Sawyer and the primetime special Casey Anthony Not Guilty: Inside the Bombshell Verdict, at 10 p.m. On Thursday, the Baez interview will be seen Good Morning America and The View.

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In a press conference immediately after Anthony’s acquittal on capital murder charges, Baez excoriated the U.S. legal system’s inclusion of the death penalty calling it “disgusting.”

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“I saved a life today,” he said.

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The dramatic speech was par for the course for Baez, who emerged as one of the trial’s outsize personalities although he had only tried one other death penalty case. He’s had something of a bumpy background, according to reports, filing for personal bankruptcy and having his home foreclosed last year. He reportedly graduated from law school in 1997 but was admitted to the Florida bar in 2005. In the interim, he is said to have worked as a bikini salesman, among other odd jobs. 

News organizations traditionally license photos and videos from interview subjects. And ABC News was revealed to have paid Anthony $200,000 a few years ago. But according to an ABC News spokesperson, the news division did not pay Baez.