Barbara Walters Talks Retirement, 'View' Co-Hosts (Video)

The journalist discusses why she's leaving the daytime talker in May and who she still wants to interview.
ABC/Randy Holmes
Barbara Walters on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Barbara Walters took advantage of The View's weeklong trip to Disneyland to pay a visit to her ABC colleague Jimmy Kimmel, making her first appearance Monday on his eponymous late-night show.

Walters confirmed that she will retire in May but will continue to executive produce The View and do her Most Fascinating People special, she thinks.

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"I want to leave while people say, 'We will miss her.' I don't want them to say (makes a face), 'Is she still on?' I sort of think that May is a good time," she said.

Kimmel asked her who she still wanted to interview, and she cited the pope and Queen Elizabeth as people who have never done interviews that she would like to talk to.

She also said she would like to sit down with Monica Lewinsky again, noting it was one of her highest-rated interviews. "Everyone else from that period has been able to move on -- Monica has not," Walters said.

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After Kimmel joked that Lewinsky works at the yogurt shop down the block, so she should be pretty easy to get, Walters said, "You know what, truthfully, it's very hard for her to get a job and she's very capable." She also revealed that she had been talking to the infamous former Clinton intern recently.

But what Kimmel really wanted to know was which of her many View co-hosts over the years she liked the least.

After he read off a list of names, including Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell and Debbie Matenopoulos, Walters said, "I don't like any of them," before breaking into a smile and laughing.

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Kimmel said he narrowed it down to O'Donnell and Jones, and while Walters was tickled by the idea of the two of them appearing on a show together, she said she is "fond of" both of them.

After adding Jenny McCarthy this fall, The View still has an open spot for a panelist, and Walters told Kimmel they have considered adding a man to the lineup.

Excited, Kimmel asked how he did during his appearance that morning, which Walters told him was his audition.

"Don't give up your night job," Walters said.

Watch Walters' full interview with Kimmel below.