Barbra Streisand on 'Tonight Show': She Sings a Beloved Classic, Jokes About Her Butt

Barbra Streisand's appearance on Monday's Tonight Show had everything her fans could hope for: a performance of one of her classics, a hilarious duet with Jimmy Fallon and a discussion of Streisand's "tush." OK, so maybe her fans weren't necessarily expecting that last one. 

Streisand was the episode's sole guest, marking her first late-night talk show appearance in more than 50 years. Her new album, Partners, featuring her duets with other high-profile vocalists, releases Sept. 16. 

Streisand and Fallon performed a medley of three tunes from the album, with Fallon impersonating the other vocalists. "My king," Streisand quipped as Fallon did his best Elvis Presley impression, complete with an appropriate wig. 

During their interview, Fallon held up the sexy cover for her 1977 album Superman, featuring a vintage photo of Streisand in just a T-shirt. "That's when the tush was up," she joked.

She closed the show with a performance of "Come Rain or Come Shine," which she initially recorded in 1977.

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