'Barely Famous' Stars: "We're Not Making Fun of the Kardashians"

Erin and Sara Foster star in the fake reality show
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VH1's upcoming series Barely Famous might parody reality TV, but it's not meant to be mean-spirited, say stars Erin and Sara Foster, who play two sisters on a fake reality series. 

"We're not making fun of the Kardashians. We're not making fun of Real Housewives. We're poking fun at a culture," Erin Foster said Saturday during the Television Critics Association press tour. "We love watching reality TV and we're huge supporters of it."

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The sisters, who in real life are the daughters of Grammy-winning producer David Foster, play two siblings attempting to navigate their careers in Los Angeles, while also having whacky celebrity encounters. For the record, those encounters are not based on real-life, the sisters said.

The show will also examine the idea of what it means to be a D-list celebrity — someone who once was famous and is trying to hang on to it or revive that fame.

"Anyone who is on the verge of kind of famous but not really relevant is kind of fun to play with," said Erin Foster. Added Sara Foster: "The desperation to be famous is fascinating."

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In season one, Erin dates a guy in a wheelchair to make her more likable and steals Courteney Cox's socks. Meanwhile, Sara's adventures include chasing Molly Sims down the red carpet to to try to get a photo opportunity. One storyline will also mock the process of getting young kids into elite private schools in Los Angeles, and look at the industry of being famous for fame's sake.

"There's not a skill in that, but it's a lot of validation. We want to do a show like that that acknowledges it, because we weren't raised that way. I've had a job since I was 13," said Erin Foster. "It was not an option just to exist."

Barely Famous premieres  March 19 at 10:30 p.m.

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