Pair of CW Freshmen Get Full Seasons

Batwoman and Nancy Drew, CW shows- Split-H 2019
Courtesy of The CW

The CW is moving forward with its two first-year dramas of the fall, granting back-nine orders to both Batwoman and Nancy Drew.

The digital-skewing broadcast network isn’t known for canceling series — but back-nines aren’t exactly a given, either. These orders reflect a clear enthusiasm for both efforts.

Same-day linear returns for the pair have been middling, with Batwoman outperforming Nancy Drew and much of the CW lineup, but digital gains are said to be significant. A note from the network also pointed to respective jumps of 80 percent (Batwoman) and 114 percent (Nancy Drew) once live-plus-7 lifts from Nielsen are in.

The CW has full in-season streaming rights to all new series starting this season, and Batwoman and Nancy Drew are the first to benefit from that. Unlike previous years, where current-season episodes dropped off of the ad-supported streaming platform after six or so weeks, viewers will have the chance to catch up on the full order at any point during the 2019-20 broadcast season.

Batwoman is produced for The CW by Warner Bros. TV, while Nancy Drew hails from CBS TV Studios. (Both studios’ parent companies share a stake in The CW.)