Should The CW Order a 'Batwoman' Series?

After Kate Kane, aka Batwoman (Ruby Rose), made her debut during the three-part 'Arrow'-verse 'Elseworlds' crossover, should the character get her own series? Vote in The Hollywood Reporter's poll now.
Jack Rowand/The CW
Ruby Rose as Batwoman

[This story contains spoilers from the three-part "Elseworlds" crossover on The CW.]

After years of teasing, Gotham City made its debut during this week's Arrow-verse "Elseworlds" crossover and, along with the iconic city, came the highly anticipated introduction of Ruby Rose's groundbreaking hero Batwoman.

While Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) was first seen during the final scene of The Flash's Part 1 of the crossover, her entrance into the Arrow-verse didn't officially come until Arrow's Part 2. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), still dealing with body swap shenanigans, traveled to Gotham City with Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and ran into the masked vigilante almost immediately (although they didn't know it). The superhero trinity were hoping to find Mar Novu, aka the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), and his reality-rewriting book in the broken city to fix the Oliver-Barry body swap. But while they were there, they unexpectedly met Kate Kane, the cousin of the MIA Bruce Wayne (who, while name-dropped many times, has still never been seen in the Arrow-verse).

Kate first bailed Oliver, Barry and Kara out of jail after they got into a fight with a street gang, and then she offered them a safe place to hide out and regroup while they figured out their next move. She wanted them out of her city as fast as possible, so she figured helping them achieve their goal was the quickest way to get them back on the road. She then helped them track down Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies), the Arkham Asylum employee who was responsible for the whole body swap situation (as well as the red skies and lightning plaguing first Central City and then Star City). Deegan, trapped, initiated a riot in Arkham to buy himself time to get away.

That's when Batwoman, cape, wig, cowl and all, finally made her badass entrance for her first live-action appearance ever, taking out rioting prisoners and saving essentially every single character in one fell swoop. She even helped break Barry and Oliver out of their Scarecrow fear gas-induced hallucinations with a flying roundhouse kick right to their faces. Now that's a superhero debut!

But aside from finally convincing the trinity to leave Gotham City, Batwoman didn't play as big of a part in the "Elseworlds" crossover as initially thought. If anything, the three-part crossover was just a taste of the character's potential. As one of the most iconic lesbian comic book characters, it's interesting to note that not only did the crossover not delve into her romantic life (aside from some casual flirting with Supergirl), the name "Batwoman" was never even said in the episode. Not even once. (But the name "Batman" was thrown around countless times....) 

However, that will all change should The CW's potential Batwoman series go through. Currently in development, Batwoman revolves around Kate Kane who, armed with a passion for social justice and flair for speaking her mind, soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city's criminal resurgence. But don't call her a hero yet — in a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham's symbol of hope. The network is currently working with Greg Berlanti on the new DC TV show set within the Arrow-verse, with Rose set to reprise her crossover role. Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) is writing the script and will executive produce the project along with Berlanti, his Warner Bros. TV-based Berlanti Productions topper Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns.

With most of Batwoman's appearance in Part 2 of the crossover, Supergirl's Part 3 mainly focused on Barry, Oliver and Kara teaming up with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to defeat Deegan (who had rewritten reality and made himself an all-black costumed version of Superman). By the end of the three episodes, Oliver and Barry were officially back in their own bodies, Deegan was defeated and transformed into Doctor Destiny, reality had been restored and Oliver definitely made a secret deal with the Monitor that is going to come back to bite him at some point in the future. But that's not all: Batwoman reappeared at the very end of Part 3 to call Oliver about Deegan, revealing he had been transferred to Arkham and became friends with DC Comics character Psycho-Pirate (Bob Frazer).

Comic book fans already knew what Psycho-Pirate's appearance meant, along with Deegan's new gray/black appearance as Doctor Destiny, but the end tag of Part 3 confirmed it: "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is officially happening in the Arrow-verse. Slated for Fall 2019, expect the iconic DC Comics story to be the theme of the next big crossover event.

But now that Batwoman has made her live-action debut in the Arrow-verse, should The CW order Batwoman to series? Do you want to learn more about Kate Kane, her life (and love life) in Gotham City and where the heck her cousin has gone? Vote in the poll below now to weigh in.