CMT's 'Bayou Billionaires': First Footage of Season 2 Debuts (Exclusive Video)

THR debuts the first footage of the new season of the Louisiana-set reality series, centered on a family who strikes it rich.

Get ready for more Bayou Billionaires.

The CMT series -- one of the network's most-watched originals -- returns for its 12-episode second season in less than one month, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive first look in a nearly four-minute sneak peek.

Bayou Billionaires centers on a Shreveport family who strikes it rich when they discover that their home rests on the fourth largest deposit of natural gas in the U.S.

In the new season, Gerald and Kitten Dowden are taking their newfound fortunes by dreaming bigger with more elaborate escapades, from prepping for an apocalypse to producing a zombie/Kung Fu movie and making the biggest mailbox in Louisiana and a modeling stint. The new episodes also sees the Dowdens taking a trip to Hawaii for a second honeymoon and a bachelorette party.

Throughout the video, memorable one-liners are teased, like, "I'm no country bumpkin'!"

Watch the preview below:

What's your favorite line or moment that you're looking forward to?

Bayou Billionaires returns 9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15 on CMT with an hourlong premiere.