Beastie Boys' Collaborator Mix Master Mike Spins 'Teen Titan Go's' Remix Theme Song

The West Coast DJ remixes the theme song for Cartoon Network's new series.
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Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike (ne Michael Schwartz) is giving Teen Titan Go!'s theme song a remix.

The Beastie Boys' resident DJ remixed the song for Cartoon Network's follow-up to the the 2003 cartoon series Teen Titan based on DC Comics fictional superhero team. While Teen Titan focused on the young superheroes--Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy--saving the world, Teen Titan Go! gives a comedic spin on how these five teens spend their time off when they're not fighting crime.

Not only was Mike thrilled to take on the project, certain family members were as excited as him, if not more.

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"All my nephews and nieces watch the show and when I told them I was remixing the theme song, they were like more happy than I was," the turntablist tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I showed them [the song] on my phone and they were bugging out like 'wow.'"

The West Coast DJ, who has appeared as a guest on Nick Jr.'s Yo Gabba Gabba, says "it was a no brainer" to work with another children's programming series. He adds, "I feel at home with these sort of projects."

With a background in scratching turntables, Mike's hip-hop style played a major influence on Teen Titan Go!'s remixed theme song. The process started with getting separate parts of the actual theme song and watching a clip from the trailer, followed by finding a specific beat in the original score.

Mike explains his remix process to THR, "I looked for the drum, a tempo. I looked at the original pieces of music and tried to figure out a more energetic, upbeat tempo to get the kids' blood pumping. [...] Once I come up with that whole framework, I scratch on top of that."

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While the world champ DJ hasn't been scheduled for a guest voiceover in an episode yet, he says his guest superhero name would likely be called "The Serial Wax Killer."

As for his choice of weapon? The turntable.

Teen Titans Go! premieres Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

Hear the remixed theme song below: