'Beauty and the Beast': Amber Skye Noyes on Tori's Beastly Obstacles, Seeking Out Vincent

Will the show's first female beast rattle Vincent and Catherine? "Great love requires great challenges and tests, or else how would we know that it was great?" says the singer-actress.
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"Beauty and the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast has another beast in its midst.

The character of Tori, who made her debut on The CW drama in last week's episode, discovered that she was exactly like Vincent when she saw her eyes glow in the mirror. In the next installment, Tori's revelation will become key, as she begins to figure out what her beast state means for those around her. Things get complicated when she looks to the only person who may be able to shed light on what her next moves should be -- Vincent, the same person who killed her father Kurt.

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Singer-actress Amber Skye Noyes talks to The Hollywood Reporter about playing the show's first female beast, turning to Vincent for help and the likelihood of others discovering Tori's beastly identity.

Were you following along with how fans were reacting to your character? What were they most connecting with?

I know that there are very passionate fans of the show and so I wanted to make sure that they knew that I was all hands in, but they were very welcoming! I know that a lot of fans are concerned because I look a lot like this character that was on the last year that was named Alex [played by Bridget Regan] who was also a redhead in Vincent's (Jay Ryan) life. I know they're very, very concerned, but we're going to see Tori in a much more dynamic way.

From your point of view, what are the differences between Alex and Tori, besides the obvious?

I think Alex was very clearly in Vincent's life for one reason. She didn't accept the [beast] part of him at all, whereas Tori is a part of all these characters' lives. We know she's a beast so she's going to have a very different relationship -- not just with Vincent, but with everybody. She is going to go on much more of a journey. Tori didn't know that she was a beast until that moment of verification. We've never really seen a beast go from zero to 60 and we don't even know if she'll get to 60 right away but just know that she has to figure what that means for her and how strong is she going to be and is going to be good or bad. It's going to be very complicated for her. We've never seen that journey for a new beast -- how they come into their own -- so that will be fun for fans.

Basically an origin story ...

And I think it will be interesting. When you first see Tori, she's kind of sneaking off on the balcony, like maybe she's not allowed to -- even though she's obviously an adult -- she could've been locked away or hidden away high in the tower. What is this beast thing going to mean for her? First she's freaked out by it, maybe she'll feel empowered. It's unclear how she's going to harness these powers into the freedom that she's been longing for. Maybe she'll be more confident. There are all these different ways for her to grow a bit.

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How different is Tori to Catherine (Kristin Kreuk)?

Cat is very sure about who she is, although at times she can be conflicted about her feelings for Vincent. Tori, however, is about to start her journey and figure out who she is -- though Cat is still figuring out her father and her family. In terms of Tori and her personal confidence, that is a big difference. She'll also have a very different relationship with Vincent because they're both beasts. That's a connection that he and Catherine will never have; it's a different angle that we'll see as well.

Should Vincent/Cat fans be worried?

I don't know. Listen, Catherine doesn't need any more complications getting in the way between her and Vincent, and getting back to where they were in season one. But Tori is going to have one person to talk to about this beast thing, so there will be that dynamic between [Tori and Vincent]. Tori is a new beast and she's going to have to figure out all of this stuff and someone's going to have to teach her; Vincent is going to be able to be a mentor. And also, she's still figuring out how she feels about being a beast -- she'll deal with this beast thing first and then hash out her feelings -- but Vincent did kill her father. There's a lot of complications. Cat has just seen Vincent do the most gruesome thing he's ever done so there's a lot coming. Great love requires great challenges and tests, or else how would we know that it was great?

In the latest episode, it's Thanksgiving on Beauty and the Beast, and it looks like Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Tori will be crashing the party. Give us a preview.

Yeah, why are they there? (Laughs.) They're there for a good reason and we'll find that out soon. Fans will get to see Tori in more of a beast mode, other than just her eyes. Why or how or who sees that and under what circumstances, you'll have to tune in to find out. Does Special Agent Reynolds (Ted Whittall) know about Tori? Who will find out about Tori? She has to decide who she'll tell. And when she does beast out, who sees it?

What does Tori in full beast mode look like?

We've never seen a female beast and we've never seen a brand new beast, so I think there will be some differences. When we were developing it, we were trying to find the fine line between creepy and beastly. I'm not afraid to be a beast; I'm not afraid to not look pretty. I find it very liberating to find your inner animal. How will the other male beasts react to that? There's a lot to be figured out.

Can you share a tease for upcoming episodes?

I think Tori being in full beast mode is pretty exciting. That's going to be the biggest things, and figuring out how she gets there. It's going to be an exciting moment and something to look forward to. You're going to get to see Tori's personality -- in the first episode she was dealing with the crazy stuff that's happening to her -- and her character and how she interacts with the different characters. You're going to see more of Tori.

Beauty and the Beast airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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