'Beauty and the Beast': Bridget Regan on Beastly Reveals and Holding Onto the Past

Beauty and the Beast episodic Jay Ryan Bridget Regan - H 2013
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Beauty and the Beast episodic Jay Ryan Bridget Regan - H 2013

On Beauty and the Beast, three's a crowd.

Up until now, New York police detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) and former physician-turned-Muirfield experiment Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) have been dancing around their attraction. When Vincent's ex-fiancee Alex Salter (Bridget Regan) comes back into his life, those romantic feelings from all those years ago come bubbling back to the surface. The only catch? Alex doesn't know the full story of Vincent's beastly side, but all will be revealed in due time.

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"Part of the appeal is that she doesn't know about this whole dark side to Vincent's life," Regan told The Hollywood Reporter of her alter ego. "He gets to escape with her and live in the past."

Regan talked to THR about what to expect from Vincent and Alex's upcoming cabin trip in "Cold Turkey," working again with Ryan and why she finally understands why fans want Catherine and Vincent together.

The Hollywood Reporter: What was it like stepping into a love triangle?

Bridget Regan: For Alex, she doesn't know she's in a triangle. All that she knows is that the man she thought was dead is back in her life and she believes what she's told, that Catherine is Vincent's handler and they have a professional relationship. It's not until now that she's starting to pick up on other clues or vibes that there might be more between them. She doesn't want to believe it. You don't want to believe that something else could be going on. She just wants to pick up with Vincent where she left off.

THR: Vincent also has unresolved feelings for Alex. How does that progress, if it does at all?

Regan: Part of the appeal is that she doesn't know about this whole dark side to Vincent's life. He gets to escape with her and live in the past. His life right now is constant life and death. With Alex, he gets to relax a bit and be his old self. He doesn't always get to do that.

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THR: The fact that they're revisiting their past relationship now causes some problems. How does that play out for them?

Regan: This upcoming episode reveals a lot in terms of the reality of the situation. Alex is challenged in a lot of ways. She takes Vincent away for the weekend to her family cabin that they used to go to when they were a young couple because Alex wants to take their relationship to the next level. She asks Catherine for permission because she wants to respect their professional relationship and she saw how affected Catherine was when they broke into the ice rink. At the moment, it's a little bit gray for Alex.

THR: Is this trip ultimately a good thing for Alex?

Regan: That's Vincent's challenge. He feels like he has to tell her [everything] but how do you do that?

THR: Is there a Vincent-Alex moment that stands out?

Regan: It wasn't always an easy episode to shoot but I really enjoyed working with Jay. I worked with him before in New Zealand when I was shooting Legend of the Seeker. I think that's helped our dynamic because there was a lot of familiarity. 

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THR: What's your perspective on the Catherine-Vincent relationship as it stands right now?

Regan: Now, I get it, but at the time when I was working on the episode, I only tried to think of it from Alex's perspective. I understand where the fans are coming from in terms of wanting to see them together. Catherine does know all of Vincent's truths and who he is, and she accepts him.

THR: How does Alex react to learning about Vincent's darker side?

Regan: It really challenges [her]. I mean, can you imagine? She has no way of expecting anything like this. She's a strong woman who's a ICU nurse -- so she's seen a lot of dark stuff -- and she knows that soldiers can come back with post-traumatic stress and she's expecting something along those lines, not something like this.

THR: Can that moment of realization be considered a crossroads for her?

Regan: You'll see. What would you do if you found out? Goodness sakes!

Beauty and the Beast airs 9 p.m. Thursdays on The CW.

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