'Beauty and the Beast' EP Previews the "Most Romantic Season Yet"

"The overarching goal of the season is for Cat and Vincent to build upon their love. They need to save that over all else," EP Brad Kern tells THR.
Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Season two of Beauty and the Beast ended with Cat (Kristen Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) realizing they're more powerful together than apart and defeating Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) for their chance at a normal life.

Of course it was only minutes before a mysterious organization tried to recruit them to track down other supernatural threats. Heading into season three, Cat and Vincent will have to decide if living a normal life is more important than saving the rest of the world. Executive producer Brad Kern talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the pros and cons of that decision and why this season is one for all the romantics.

How soon after the season two finale does season three pick up?

It’s a couple of months later. They have gotten their normal lives back, which is something they’ve both been trying to accomplish. We will discover they have gotten their lives back. That means that Vincent’s got his doctor’s license reinstated, and he’s trying to get back to a normal life without having to worry about beast stuff. Catherine will have gone back to her detective work, but we are going to discover that there is more in store for them. The mysterious DHS agents that saved J.T. at the end of season two have a need and a desire for Vincent and Cat to help. It will force them to decide whether they are willing, yet again, to sacrifice their personal lives, normal lives, for the greater good.

Will the new organization put Vincent’s humanity at risk?

Any time he has to beast out, he’ll have to deal with that primal side of him. The early part of the season will test his ability to control his humanity. We are going to tie that in specifically to his ability to advance his relationship with Catherine. The goal of season three is to develop and deepen and build upon the Cat and Vincent relationship and romance. Everything they have to do, both separately or together — whether it’s with this secret organization or just with regular life — will be a challenge to their goal, which is to develop and deepen their love.

Are there going to be more beasts besides Vincent and Gabe?

First, we’re going to discover there’s a different type of threat out there that is not beasts. Only the power of the beast and only the power of Cat and Vincent working together will be able to thwart and stop this new threat. However, as the season progresses we will begin to tie that new threat into the beast mythology.

Will Rebecca and Alistair be returning in season three?

What we’ll discover over the course of the season is that there’s a mythology that was developed and introduced into Cat and Vincent’s life with Rebecca and Alistair. That will come back in to play as the season progresses.

There’s a short order for season three, but you have been promised season four already — how does that change the structure of the season?

It’s still 13 episodes for both season three and season four. It just forces us to focus more clearly on what our season direction is for each season. It forces us to try hard not to have any middle episodes that aren’t really that good, which can happen in a 22-episode order sometimes. Every episode has to be good and tell a convincing story.

What do you want fans to get out of season three?

The romance. We were forced for a variety of reasons to try and expand the world and break up Cat and Vincent to discover more about them individually. We had to threaten their relationship from external love and forces. This season, the goal was for us to lean into Cat and Vincent and make their love and the growth of their love the center of the show. The overarching goal of the season is for Cat and Vincent to build upon their love. They need to save that over all else. It will by far be our most romantic season yet.

Are you seeing [season four] as the final season?

Every season is always a proving ground to try and do our best to tell a season story that rewards the loyal audience for watching every episode. Also setting up a compelling season finale that sets up another season. I always look at my job the same way at the beginning of every season, which is to do everything I can to assume that the show is always on the bubble and that we need to do everything we can to get the network to pick us up for one more season. I never look at any season I’m on at the beginning of the season and do anything other than build toward another season beyond this one.

The new season of Beauty and the Beast premieres on Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.