'Being Human': Kristen Hager Previews Season 3 Return (Video)

Syfy's Being Human kicks off season three more than one year after the events of last year's finale. For Josh and Nora, a lot has changed since then.

"Our relationship, as a result, has been better than it's been," Kristen Hager said when she dropped by THR's Cover Lounge. "We've definitely had our ups and downs. Their relationship is a lot happier and lighter than it's been."

She added: "Over the course of the season, there will be more ups and more downs, but they are more strongly united than they've been and will continue to be."

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Enter Being Human's big baddie of the season, played by Nikita alum Xander Berkeley as the werewolf father, Liam, to Brynn and Connor.

"Right away he's a threat. He wants to know what happened to his kids," Hager said. But things take a turn for the unexpected, to say the least, especially in regards to Nora.

"Their relationship becomes very complicated, because as viewers would know, Norah comes from a very complicated past and has a lot of baggage, and wasn't really close with her family at all. She finds herself having this strange, almost paternal relationship with Liam," she said. "This crazy swing of being terrified of him, needing to keep secrets from him and at the same time having a very strong pull toward him and his fatherly qualities." Undoubtedly this will cause a rift between Josh and Nora.

With Nora coming into the fray, her dynamics with the other supernatural forces (namely Aidan, played by Sam Witwer) will be met with some contention. "Aidan and Nora will butt heads a few times this season," Hager said.

Being Human returns 9 p.m. Monday on Syfy.

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