Ben Affleck Berates Jon Stewart for Spoiling 'Gone Girl' in Outrageous 'Daily Show' Interview

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Ben Affleck may have out-funnied Jon Stewart on his own show.

Affleck jokingly took credit for directing David Fincher's Gone Girl, claimed Stewart ripped him off for also helming a movie set in Iran, and scolded the Daily Show host for "ruining" key plot points in Gone Girl and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Affleck's The Daily Show appearance Tuesday started with Stewart admitting that Affleck (who is currently beefed up to play Batman) made him feel like a boy in comparison.

"When you came up onto the stairs and we had a little bro hug … I really felt like your son after a Little League game," Stewart said.

"A walk is as good as a hit, Jon, you did great," Affleck said, paternally patting Stewart on the back.

Throughout the interview, Affleck intentionally conflated the name of Stewart's directorial debutRosewater, with his own Oscar-winning film Argo, both of which are set in Iran. 

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"There's some Iran in that movie," Affleck said of Rosewater. "You know I did a movie about Iran, right?" He added that he was "trying to think if there's a less babyish word than 'copycat,' " to describe Stewart.

Stewart jokingly went on to ruin plot points for both Gone Girl and Batman v. Superman, a decision that did not go over well with Affleck.

"What the f—! Are you kidding me?" Affleck said, claiming he'd told Stewart those plot points in confidence. 

Affleck went on to jokingly claim that Fincher brought him on board Gone Girl for his directorial expertise.

"I don't want to say 'ghost director,' " Affleck said, before adding Fincher asked him, " 'Hey Ben, you wouldn't mind making all the decisions on the movie?' "

Gone Girl opens Friday.

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