Benedict Cumberbatch to Heartbroken Female Fans: "Your Ovaries Do Still Have Use!"

Benedict Cumberbatch GMA H 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch GMA H 2014

While making the rounds on Monday morning to talk about The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch was repeatedly congratulated on recently getting engaged to theater director Sophie Hunter.

However, while on Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa noted many women were sad to hear about his upcoming nuptials. "One girl wasn't!" he said smiling. "I'm very happy. I'm a very happy man. I have a great population of fans as well — they're smart, they'll get around to the idea. … Your ovaries do still have use, let me tell you!"

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The actor made the announcement with a newspaper ad earlier this month, because "it's kind of the way I would have done it if I wasn't in this exalted, weird position of being famous for being an actor. It's the way we do things back at home in Blighty. … And it's what I did to try and normalize the situation, rather than some grainy photography of some wedding ring."

So did he propose the old-fashioned way too? "Sort of, but that's for me to know and no one else to find out, but yes," he noted while on Good Morning America. And of whether or not his mother is already asking for Cumberbabies, he responded, "I definitely don't think my mum would use that term, but yeah, there are people out there who seem to create collective nouns for everything to do with the first part of my name."

Watch the GMA video below.

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