Benedict Cumberbatch Tries to Prove His Appeal, Introduces the "Cool Toilet" by Kohler on 'SNL'

Benedict Cumerbatch SNL Opening Screengrab - H 2016
'Saturday Night Live'/Screengrab

Benedict Cumberbatch played up his "hotness" to the hilt while hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever.

His opening monologue was accompanied by a bevy of women that included Leslie Jones, as he suavely demonstrated why he is worth all the attention.

Cumberbatch first paid homage to the last week of the nightmarish election cycle, joking, "So, nice to be hosting on the last week of America as we know it."

Then, the actor gave tips how on Americans can survive the national climate of craziness: "We Brits deal with it this way: We drink. We drink so much!"

After doling out words of wisdom, the British actor assured viewers that his "hotness" and fame could be explained with an introduction reminiscent of a Barry White concert.

"Allow me to introduce myself" was the line of the night as Cumberbatch swayed to the rhythm of his accompaniments, as the ladies echoed, "His name is Benedict!"

The actor went on to read off his list of accomplishments, which included his Oscar-nominated title The Imitation Game.

Leslie Jones then took center stage as she caroused the actor with the declaration, "I'm one of your come-up bitches."

SNL's "cool toilet" segment was also a winner as the actor sat comfortably on the toilet throne and assumed the likeness of a character from The Matrix saga. The narrator played up the qualities of the item on display, "A sleek reverse bowl toilet that you sit on the cool way. With your arms casually draped over the top."

Then things got gamey as the segment, "Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?" arrived as contestants, including the actor, were tasked with answering questions that could solve the mystery of Cumberbatch's hotness.

The host asked several questions about Cumberbatch's appeal, and the women delivered with fares like. "It's not his face per se, it's his body. Or not…"

Another female reveler admitted that her feelings couldn't be adequately expressed in the language we recognize, "Does that answer have to be in English? My answer will be best described using a series of noises."

Cumberbatch, who also served as contestant, downplayed his appeal: "Honestly, I don't know either, some people say that I look like a hammerhead shark but Glamour magazine named me one of the sexiest men alive."

The host tried to align his likeness against the actor in order to win points but the only person who appreciated his efforts was Cumberbatch himself, who complimented his "smooth skin" and charm.

It won him over and the two ended up on the same page.

SNL's construction worker segment saw Cumberbatch paired up with a colleague and the matter of the hour was to help middle-aged women feel good. The only issue was fatigue, as the woman being celebrated lay comatose as she was feathered with whipped cream and licks. In the middle of the party, members of the Chicago Cubs arrived to herald the customer's 1000th slot.

The award? A free lap dance.

Cumberbatch also gave into the whims of a double-date gone wrong as he was allied with Cecily Strong as they teed off with Kenan Thompson and his date.

It was a wreck from start to finish as Strong's character sounded hilariously robotic, which prompted her companion to admit, "She sounds like a GPS gone good."

When prompted as to why he and his date were so weird, Cumberbatch's magician-like character frustratingly replied, "I'm in the middle of an illusion, would you treat Chris Angel this way?"