Best of 2014: 10 Funniest 'SNL' Sketches

Jim Carrey Matthew McConaughey - H 2014

Jim Carrey Matthew McConaughey - H 2014

Star-Lord, Gandalf and Titanic's Jack and Rose all make appearances among our favorite Saturday Night Live sketches of the year. 

There are certainly viewers who complain that the show has lost its touch, but we found plenty of laughs throughout the past 12 months' worth of episodes.

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Check out our picks for the sketch show's 10 best segments of 2014, and then let us know which ones we missed.

10. Woody Harrelson 1989 Monologue (Host: Woody Harrelson, Nov. 15)

The host got a little Taylor Swift-inspired help from his Hunger Games pals.

9. Obama Ukraine Address Cold Open (Host: Lena Dunham, March 8)

"I hate it when things are taken," surprise guest Liam Neeson tells Obama about Crimea. 

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8. Marvel Can't Fail (Host: Chris Pratt, Sept. 27)

We're ready to shell out money now to see Marvel's next film, Fancy Ghosts.

7. James Franco's Monologue (Host: James Franco, Dec. 6)

Franco and The Interview co-star Seth Rogen reference the Sony hack with some revealing photos. 

6. Hobbit Office (Host: Martin Freeman, Dec. 13)

Gandalf channels his inner David Brent by mocking "Dildo Baggins" in this send-up of the popular sitcom. 

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5. Jonah Hill Monologue (Host: Jonah Hill, Jan. 25)

Have you always wanted to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Hill reenact Titanic's "I'm flying!" scene? You're in luck.

4. The Dudleys (Host: Woody Harrelson, Nov. 15)

Social media reaction to network TV gets skewered in this sketch that sets things to a "gay five." Uzo Aduba joins the fun, too.

3. Black Jeopardy (Host: Louis C.K., March 29)

Find out what white people are always lying about. 

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2. Lincoln Ads (Host: Jim Carrey, Oct. 25)

Carrey lets viewers know what Matthew McConaughey was actually doing with his right hand in those car commercials.

1. Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open (Host: Amy Adams, Dec. 20)

Mike Myers' beloved character defends Sony following the cyberattack on the studio: "Why pick on Sony? They haven't had a hit since the Walkman."

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