'Shark Tank's' Lori Greiner Reviews the Super Bowl Commercials (Video)

The entrepreneur shares her take on the ads that aired during Sunday's big game.
Dan Greiner
Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner, one of the "sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank, gives The Hollywood Reporter her picks for the best and worst commercials that aired during Sunday's Super Bowl.

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I’ve always found the most impactful ads are ones that get across what they are advertising clearly along with making an emotional connection via the heart, humor or something visually sensational.

My three favorites during Super Bowl 2014 were:

Cheerios: "Gracie”

I LOVED this one! Simple and clear, and it shows how the show Shark Tank is impacting even young girls and boys and advertising today. Gracie is one tough and very clever 8-year-old negotiator! I’d hate to go up against her in the Tank one day.

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M&M's: "Russian Mob"

I also loved the Russian "mob"-themed peanut M&M commercial. It was very interesting visually -- big, bold and beautiful -- worthy of a Super Bowl commercial and also cute and funny at the end.

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GoDaddy: "Puppet Master"

I also found the GoDaddy Puppets by Gwen cute and original, using humor and simplicity, but also emotion, to get its message across. Again interesting to me how many commercials today speak to the entrepreneur and how services help you along the way.

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This is who I think missed the mark:

Audi: "Doberhuahua"

This was a miss for me. It left me with a disturbing image imprinted on my brain, for the dog was just not appealing. The Audi message at the end was overwhelmed by that. Sorry, I know they spent a lot of money on this. Maybe all of us talking about it afterwards as a "dog" will be what gets them the big impact. Could they be that genius??

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Chevy: "Romance"

I also wasn't crazy about the Chevy bull commercial. Didn’t like the message or the bull. Didn't connect with it and I don't think it would drive people to want to buy a Chevy.

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