Betsey Johnson Reality Series' First Trailer Debuts (Exclusive Video)

Vibrant fashion designer Betsey Johnson is letting it all hang out -- on her new docuseries XOX Betsey Johnson.

The Style Network entry, hitting television screens beginning 8 p.m. May 12, follows Johnson and her daughter/muse Lulu as they move on from filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2012 and the bulk of Johnson's boutique stores closing.

The Hollywood Reporter premieres the first trailer for XOX Betsey Johnson, which likely will launch on Style this weekend, featuring the 70-year-old personality preparing for a fresh start with a retrospective fashion show -- complete with her signature cartwheel and splits.

STORY: Betsey Johnson Scores Style Reality TV Series at Age 70

In the minute-long teaser, Johnson and her daughter go through every facet of emotion, from joy (figuring out said show) and reflection (after visiting an abandoned space that used to house a bustling store) to confusion (a trip to Tokyo) and sadness (when the two discuss potential changes in living arrangements).

Expect to see Johnson and her daughter work toward expanding the Betsey Johnson empire, with the pressures of their business relationship creating a sometimes strained mother-daughter relationship. Lulu, meanwhile, seeks to step out from her mother's shadow and create her own fashion line.

XOX Betsey Johnson is produced by Magical Elves. Executive producers include Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth and Archie Gips, and Sarah Weidman and Sitarah Pendelton-Eaglin for Style.

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