'Better Call Saul': Duffle Bag of Cash Sends Jimmy in "Unexpected Directions"

Better Call Saul S01E03 Tent - H 2015
Ursula Coyote/AMC

Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) faces his biggest decision yet in Monday's Better Call Saul.

After unraveling the Kettleman's  (Julie Ann Emery and Jeremy Shamos) plot to fake their own kidnapping, Jimmy came face to face with their dufflebag full of cash, proving they are guilty of embezzling funds from the county.

While Breaking Bad viewers know exactly what Saul Goodman would do in that situation, that's not the case with Jimmy, who is not yet the criminally talented lawyer he will eventually become.

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"The money goes in very unexpected directions," Emery tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Jimmy's life literally depends on finding the Kettlemans so that Nacho (Michael Mando) can be released from jail after being suspected of kidnapping the family. Fans have speculated it would make sense for him to turn them in and that be the end of it.

But Emery and Shamos are on board for multiple additional episodes this season, and Emery says not to expect a tidy ending.

"It is not the end of the Kettle-saga. The best is definitely yet to come for Betsy," says Emery. "The writers really blow it up in a great way." 

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Last week's episode ended in an instant-meme moment, when Jimmy bursts into the Kettleman's tent and screamed "here's Johnny!"

"It actually was scary. I know we all screamed our heads off for real," Emery says. "When I watched it, I thought it was funny, because they are so into what they are doing. They are obviously guilty, and yet they are still this average American family."

Stay tuned to The Live Feed following Monday's episode for spoiler-filled full post-mortems with Emery, writer Gennifer Hutchison, and Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin)

Better Call Saul airs at 10 p.m. Mondays on AMC.

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