'Better Call Saul' Music Video Proves No Case Is Too Shady

This tune promoting the new AMC show will be stuck in your head for weeks
'Better Call Saul'

A new jingle offers further proof that the lead character in Better Call Saul is not at all discriminating when it comes to potential clients. 

To promote the Breaking Bad spinoff's Febraury premiere, AMC has released a music video for a song about attorney Saul Goodman, as played by Bob Odenkirk

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The hysterical tune is performed by country singer Junior Brown, with lyrics by series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The video also provides brief snippets from the show.

The song, presented as an ad for Saul's law firm, reaches out to anyone who might be in trouble for drunk driving, vandalism or locking kids in a van. Clearly, Saul is aiming high. 

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One memorable line offers tips on how to set fire to your own small business, in case you're looking for pointers. 

Better Call Saul premieres February 2015 on AMC. It's quite possible that this catchy tune will still be stuck in your head then.

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