'Better Call Saul' Writer: Jimmy "Is at a Crossroads"

Thomas Schnauz says Monday's episode "is about him deciding if he is going to do the right thing or the financially beneficial" thing.
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Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) is at a crossroads in Monday's Better Call Saul.

After escaping death at the hands of Tuco (Raymond Cruz), Jimmy is presented with an opportunity to join the criminal world in a big way. Nacho (Michael Mando) asks Jimmy for help ripping off the Kettlemans (Julie Ann Emery and Jeremy Shamos), who embezzled $1.5 million from the county. Jimmy turns Nacho down, but it's safe to say this is not the last he will see of the ambitious criminal.

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"Jimmy at the end of episode two is at a crossroads," writer Thomas Schnauz tells The Hollywood Reporter. "He has to decide, 'Is he a criminal or is he a lawyer?' He has a chance to make a lot of money with Nacho, and he has to decide what is right. The episode is about him deciding if he is going to do the right thing or the financially beneficial [thing]."

Schnauz joined the Breaking Bad team as a writer and producer beginning with season three, and is credited with penning some of the series' most well-regarded episodes, including season five's famous "Say My Name," also the first and only episode he directed for Bad. Schnauz says he'll be headed back behind the camera to direct an episode of Saul later this season.

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"I got to write an earlier script, and then had the time to write, and then prepare to direct a later script. I've got episode three and nine," he says.

Read the full, spoiler-filled postmortem with Schnauz here.

Better Call Saul airs at 10 p.m. Mondays on AMC.

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