'Better Call Saul's' Mike Teaches the Finer Points of Security (Exclusive Video)

The short video from the 'Saul' team features Jonathan Banks discussing the dos and don'ts of keeping corporate secrets locked down.
Jonathan Banks of 'Better Call Saul'

In 2017, the team behind Better Call Saul brought you Gus Fring's tips on running a small business. 

Now, the show has enlisted Mike Ehrmantraut to teach the finer points of security — and the many, many ways he has managed to get around it in his career.

Below you can watch the first in a series of training videos starring Mike (Jonathan Banks) as he instructs employees of Madrigal Electromotive in how to keep their facilities secure. Having used many of the techniques to breach security himself, Mike knows whereof he speaks. And judging by what becomes of Madrigal later in the Saul/Breaking Bad timeline, his words are probably destined not to be followed to the letter.

Sharp-eyed Saul fans will probably notice a few Easter eggs in the animated portions of Mike's videos.

As with the videos featuring Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) in the show's third season, the Mike series is produced by AMC's digital team with Bacon & Sons. The Better Call Saul writing staff also collaborated on the series.

The episode below and nine others will debut on AMC Premiere, the cable network's premium subscription service. The first three debut Monday. All 10 will then live on AMC.com after Better Call Saul finishes its season.

Watch the video below.