Beyonce and Jay Z's 'On the Run' HBO Special: Highlights and Surprises From the Show

The many hit songs may have been overshadowed by Jay Z and Blue Ivy doing push-ups together
Jeff Daly/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images
Jay Z and Beyonce

Saturday night's On the Run tour special on HBO had something for everyone. In the two-and-a-half-hour show, Beyonce and Jay Z powered through seemingly all of their hits — from "Big Pimpin" to "Single Ladies" — and left no doubt about their respective talents, both separately and together.

While the HBO special unfortunately didn't show any behind-the-scenes footage (no pregnancy announcement, no backstage Blue Ivy sightings), the concert had plenty of cool moments from the stage. The most well-executed may have been the random slow-motion footage, which highlighted crazy Bey dance moves and thrilled audience reaction shots. 

There were so many musical high points — in fact, based on the way the show was set up, it seemed to be one huge high point as the two switched off at the mic to perform a majority of their numbers, medley-style. From a high-energy "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" to "Why Don't You Love Me?" the HBO special allowed fans to see them up close and at their best. 

While it wasn't a shock to those following along online, the only special guest that joined the pair was a previously reported Nicki Minaj, who showed up to perform the "Flawless" remix with a thrilled-looking Queen Bey. Another buzzy moment included Beyonce's much-discussed version of "Resentment" — throughout the summer it was noted as a particularly emotional moment for her, but last night, she seemed to be having fun with it, smiling at the end and jokingly dusting her shoulders off. 

Perhaps the best moment — and the one that got audiences most excited — was the last 10 minutes of the show, when Beyonce (wearing an American flag dress!) and Jay Z came onstage together and sang "On the Run (Part 2)," "Young Forever" and "Halo," while adorable Carter family home movies played behind the pair. It's highly possible that Jay Z and Blue Ivy doing "push-ups" together is the leading contender for Cutest Moment on TV This Year. After mutual "I love yous" from the exuberant duo, the show was over — but the discussion was just beginning.