Beyonce Reveals the Human Behind the Superstar in 'Life Is But a Dream' Trailer (Video)

Motherhood has changed Beyonce.

The singer, giving viewers an unprecedented look into her life, is the center of the new documentary Life Is But a Dream. In a newly released trailer for the doc, Beyonce reveals her struggle to “stay current” and “stay soulful” while also exposing the first moments that she knew she’d be a mom.

“I just had a feeling something was going on,” she says before cutting to a sonogram image of daughter Blue Ivy. All the while, cameras show Bey dancing and rehearsing for upcoming performances. “They keep putting me in these tight clothes and trying to hide it,” she says, showing off her bare baby bump. “It’s getting difficult.”

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The uber-private star, who recently joined social media sites Tumblr and Twitter to share personal family photos, also lets fans in on her insecurities, showing a new side of Sasha Fierce.

“People see celebrities, they have money and fame, but I’m a human being,” Beyonce confesses. “I cry, I get scared, I get nervous just like everyone else.”

And while Blue Ivy makes a brief, still-in-the-womb appearance, husband Jay-Z remains mysteriously absent throughout the 1:30-minute trailer.

Life Is But a Dream was directed by Beyonce for HBO, featuring performance footage as well as behind-the-scenes moments shot by the diva herself. Dream debuts at 9 p.m. Feb. 16.

The singer again will make headlines when she performs during the Super Bowl halftime show Feb. 3, reuniting with former girl group Destiny's Child.