Watch 'Big Bang Theory's' Nerdiest (and Most Amazing) Surprise

Big Bang Theory 1 Million an Episode - H 2014
Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Big Bang Theory 1 Million an Episode - H 2014

CBS' The Big Bang Theory returned to its Thursday time slot with a massive bang in the form of an Oscar winner and Emmy nominee.

After revealing that he was a fan of the comedy from exec producers Chuck LorreBill Prady and Steve MolaroBilly Bob Thornton guest starred during Thursday's "The Misinterpretation Agitation" episode. And while Thornton's performance as a sad urologist to the stars will likely earn the Fargo alum a guest actor in a comedy Emmy nomination, the best part of Thursday's episode was the fact that it was largely kept under wraps.

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During the episode, Thornton's Dr. Oliver Lorvis came calling to his favorite pharmaceutical rep: Penny. While Leonard took issue with the fact that his bride-to-be hides her engagement ring in a bid to boost sales, Lorvis winds up having more in common with all the guys than anyone could have imagined. (As in he lives with his mother and has a collection of sci-fi memorabilia that makes everyone's head spin.)

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