'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Blogs Her Emmy Dress Fitting

The first-time nominee debates shoes, handbags and how to dress up a splint as she heals from her recent car crash.
Joe Pugliese
Mayim Bialik at THR's Supporting Actress photo shoot

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has a lot of fun decisions to make in the next two weeks as she counts down the days to the Emmys.

The former Blossom star is slowly crossing off things on her to-do list as she prepares to attend her first Emmy ceremony as a nominee. For Bialik -- who picked up her first nomination for her supporting turn as Amy Farrah Fowler, the lovable geek who challenges Jim Parsons' neurotic scientist -- the most recent stop on the way to the Nokia Theatre included a dress fitting for the big night.

Here, the actress who received a makeover in 2009 from TLC's Clinton Kelly on What Not To Wear, recounts her top 10 moments during her weekend dress fitting with some decisions still to come including concerns over how the splint left over from her recent car crash will factor into her Emmy fashion.

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10. My stylist, Alison Kahn,brought a pair of her heels for me to try on the dress with at the fitting today. They were 4½-inch heels and we had the dress hemmed while I was wearing those heels, so it looks like I will be wearing 4½-inch heels to the Emmys. That's about an inch taller than I was hoping for, but oh well.

9. The sleeves are way too poofy, which is a nice way of saying my arms are shorter than the models they design these kinds of dresses for. Jorge the tailor is making them shorter and less poofy.

8. There's not really an elegant way to practice posing or actually pose when your right hand has been injured in an accident. Ali and I are still undecided as to whether I will look ridiculous holding a clutch in my left/good hand or if it's better to have both hands free, as it were. To be decided.

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7. You know how at some stores you're a 4 and at others, at the same exact size, you're an 8? Let's just say I wish [designer] Pamella Roland would lie to me and call me a 4 in this particular dress. Meh.

6. I briefly considered wearing my glasses to the Emmys (I'm near-sighted and have an astigmatism). I have decided Ali would never go for glasses with this gown. At least I can bring them with me so I can see the ceremony, but if I don't have a clutch with me, where will I keep them when I walk the red carpet? To be decided.

5. I think my husband would look adorable in a bow tie the color of my dress. He and Ali declared it "too mitchy-matchy." Excuse me. What do I know?

4. The dress is quite long and has a train down the back panel. On a 1-10 scale of Fear of Tripping on My Dress, 1 being no fear, 10 being no absence of fear, I'd place me at a good 6.5. 

3. The color swatch I used to select the color of the dress looked darker to me in a one-inch square than it came out as an entire gown, but I will admit that it's very pretty, very rich, and hopefully will blend in nicely with the black splint I will probably be wearing on Emmy night.

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2. When we zipped the dress up, Ali, who is from Houston, covered her mouth with both of her hands, declared, "Holy Bajoley!" and looked like she was sending me down the aisle on my wedding day. Because I trust her so much, I knew to trust her on this dress. For the record, I would never say, "Holy Bajoley!" But she can.

1. This whole experience of being nominated still feels very unreal and I feel like even on Sept. 23, I'm not going to believe that it's really happening to me. However, standing on that little three-inch-tall platform with Jorge chalking the hem of my dress and Ali saying, "Holy Bajoley!" I came one step closer to believing that I've been nominated for a best supporting actress Emmy.

Check back to THR's The Live Feed after the Emmys for Bialik's journal from the big night. The Emmys air Sept. 23 on ABC. For more on Bialik's Emmy experience, check out her blog on Kveller.com.

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