'Big Bang Theory's' Mayim Bialik Blogs Her Emmy Party Highlights

The first-time nominee recounts being captivated by Kevin Costner, a sweet encounter with Joel McHale and a chance encounter with someone near and dear: Jim Parsons.
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Mayim Bialik at THR's Supporting Actress photo shoot

The Big Bang Theory co-star Mayim Bialik made the Emmy rounds for the first time as a nominee. Starting Friday with the Performers Nominee Reception and continuing through the wee hours of Saturday night, the supporting actress in a comedy contender took in multiple events in between where she gabbed with faces both familiar (hi co-star Jim Parsons!) to adorable first meetings with her comedy cohorts (Zooey Deschanel). In between, the former Blossom star had fun with fashion, receiving the ultimate compliment for her hair decision.

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Here, the actress recounts her top 10 moments from the whirlwind weekend.

10. On the red carpet at the official Emmy nominee reception, I literally did a quadruple-take at Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys), who was being interviewed next to me. Were there beverage in my mouth, I would have done a spit-take. The person interviewing me had to literally tap my arm to get me to refocus and pull my eyeline away from the eternally awesome Kevin Costner. By the way, he looked fantastic.

9. Considering that the venue was Los Angeles, there was surprisingly little vegan food at all parties I attended. Options available were kale salad or mesclun salad.

8. At the official Emmy nominee reception, nominees were announced alphabetically by TV Academy chairman and CEO Bruce Rosenblum. Given my "B," I was second, sandwiched between Hatfields & McCoys' Tom Berenger (!) and Hugh Bonneville (no, I've never seen an episode of Downton Abbey).

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7. New Girl's Zooey Deschanel -- last name starting with D -- stood in front of me as we lined up alphabetically in rows. I was too excited to be standing behind her to initiate a "hello," but when she turned around and put her hand out to me, I sort of hugged her.

6. Lily Tomlin, as she did at the Emmy nominee peer reception a month ago, came over to me very enthusiastically and kindly. She reached for my injured right hand just as she did a month ago, but this time she remembered to shake my left hand instead.

5. At the Women in Film party I saw Joel McHale, who, since I got into my accident after appearing on The Soup, expressed sweetly that he hoped it had nothing to do with him. I assured him it didn't.

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4. As I got ready, I told my hair and makeup woman, Kelsey, that I wanted to go for a Mad Men look. This made it all the more serendipitous when Mad Men showrunner Matt Weiner, not four hours later, said hello to me and told me that I looked great.

3. The dress code suggested on the invitations seemed pretty irrelevant at all the parties I attended, as attire varied from jeans and sweaters to fancy satin gowns. One of the snazziest outfits I saw was on Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was sporting a three-piece camel-colored tweed suit with bow tie. Classy!

2. That's right: I was rocking very long, very heavy hair extensions and I loved every inch of them.

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1. Best part of the parties, hands down: running into Jim Parsons at the valet station as we both left to go home. He was at a different party and was trying to sneak out unnoticed, I think, but once I grabbed him, we hugged many times and had a great 10 minutes waiting for our cars together. That's the moment I'll remember most going into Emmy Sunday.

Check back to THR's The Live Feed after the Emmys for Bialik's journal from the big night. The Emmys air Sunday on ABC. For more on Bialik's Emmy experience, check out her blog on Kveller.com.

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