'Big Bang Theory' Boss Dissects Sheldon's and Amy's Home 'Experiment'

Showrunner Steve Molaro talks with THR about the nerdy comedy's new living arrangements and why it's a big step for these two characters.
Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

[This story contains spoilers from Monday's "The Cohabitation Experimentation" episode of CBS' The Big Bang Theory.]

CBS' The Big Bang Theory continues to explore new ground in its 10th season.

The nerdy comedy from Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and showrunner Steve Molaro took yet another big step for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) during Monday's episode when, after the latter's apartment flooded, she moved in with her boyfriend — in the name of science, of course.

While shacking up in Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) apartment is, at least for now, a temporary five-week "experiment," the opportunity afforded producers to also toy with new storylines for the show's most socially awkward couple just months after they (finally) sealed the deal.

Below, Molaro talks with THR about the new possibilities that come with seeing Amy and Sheldon living together, if she can tame him in a way Leonard (Johnny Galecki) never could (or would) and if the trial could become a full-time part of the series.  

This episode felt so fresh and new. How liberating did it feel to finally get to tell some of these storylines about Sheldon and Amy living together? And explore Penny's and Leonard's, well, freedom?

It was a super-fun episode to write. Hopefully that comes across on screen. Anytime we shake things up it is liberating, but can also be a little scary — but scary in a good way. 

What are some of the other things you’ve talked about exploring with them living together?

The beauty of Sheldon and Amy is so much is new to them. Even small, simple things like having people over for brunch for the first time can be an adventure. Which, incidentally, is something we will be exploring.

What would Sheldon's religious mother Mary (Laurie Metcalf) think of her son living with someone before marriage?

We haven't talked about it, but it's a cool idea. Mary's religious beliefs may not be in favor of people living together, but I think she's so happy that there is an Amy in the world for her baby, I'm sure she's willing to put up with a lot.  It's an interesting conundrum.

How much more of Sheldon's and Amy’s "experiment" will we see?

It begins as a five-week experiment on the show, so at least for that long. But what's great is it also functions as a creative experiment for us on the writing side. 

It was fun to see Amy really standing up to Sheldon during their argument the morning after their first night living together. Does she feel empowered a bit more here?

I think Amy is perfectly capable of standing up for herself, but she also knows he is a particular way and she loves him for it. I'd say she's good at knowing when to pick her battles.

Is Amy finally going to be the one who can, so-to-speak, "tame" Sheldon from his quirks?

I'm not sure she would ever really want to "tame" him. Sheldon's quirks are a big part of who he is. Maybe she'd settle for just helping him rein them in from time to time.  

If the experiment is a success, is this something that could have a longer tail in terms of seeing Amy and Sheldon actually moving in together and taking over Penny’s apartment?

We are open to anything. That's what's fun about the experiment. They could stay together, they could try going back to the way it was, they could end up anywhere. It's exciting.  

How will Leonard and Penny adjust to their new "empty house" now that Sheldon, at least temporarily, has moved out? Will they start to discuss next steps? Maybe starting a family?

As far as families go, we are happy to leave that to Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) for now. And while this is an exciting new chapter of freedom for Leonard and Penny — they'll have their hands full helping Sheldon and Amy navigate these new arrangements. They have great motivation, because if it fails they get Sheldon back! (Laughs.)

Raj (Kunal Nayyar) is getting a little too close to Bernie and Howard. It’s an interesting dynamic, almost like Sheldon and Leonard. But as the baby gets closer, how will they look to tone down his involvement?  

I think Raj does a good job of filling in the gaps Howard has in the husband department. So having him around and invested may be as helpful as it is weird.

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