'Big Brother 13': A New Winner Is Crowned

The CBS summer staple also awards the $25,000 prize to America's favorite player.

After 28 episodes, one departure, one return and 11 evictions, it finally comes down to this.

Last viewers saw the final three houseguests -- Rachel, Adam and Porsche -- they were being spun around in a giant mixer over some gooey liquid. Adam drops after hurting. Rachel makes a pointed observation about Adam. "This has been his life-long dream," she says later in the Diary Room. "Now he wants to give up $500,000 because of a little pain." Rachel takes the first of three competitions that will determine the next and last Head of Household.

In the second competition, Porsche and Adam are tasked to put the photos of the houseguests in order of when they were evicted. Porsche wins. In the third portion of the HOH competition, it's between Rachel and Porsche.

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In the jury house, Kalia joins the houseguests and they begin determining who should get the most votes to take home the $500,000 grand prize. Daniele believes Rachel was a floater, while Jordan thinks Rachel should ultimately win. Shelly believes that someone like Rachel shouldn't be awarded for the treatment of the other houseguests all season long. Former ally Jeff turns the conversation onto Shelly, saying that she lied to everyone in the house and played both sides.

During the last portion of the HOH competition (with Julie Chen reading off statements with two possibilities for the way it was said and the competitors having to determine the correct quote), veteran Rachel comes out on top, meaning she'll have the power to choose who she'll evict and who she'll be facing. She ultimately chooses to evict Adam. The final two is set: Rachel and Porsche.

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The jury members are back on the set with Chen and after they turn in their votes a new winner of Big Brother will be named. Before the winner is announced, the houseguests not in the jury have their say, with Evel Dick declaring that Daniele played a major role in the veterans alliance crumbling.

The votes are revealed (the jury votes for the winner):

Jeff - Rachel
Daniele - Porsche
Brendon - Rachel
Shelly - Rachel
Kalia - Porsche
Jordan - Rachel
Adam - Porsche

It's official: Rachel wins the 13th season of Big Brother.

And ... America's Favorite Player goes to Jeff. This is the second time he's won the prize.

Until next summer.