'Big Brother 13': Brendon in Danger of Being Evicted for a Second Time

With things working in Daniele's favor, will she get what she wants on Thursday's live eviction?

Drama contines to unfold in the Big Brother house.

With new HOH Daniele putting up Shelly and Adam up on the block, with a plan to backdoor Brendon -- the houseguest who returned last Thursday and that she evicted two weeks ago -- the tide is beginning to turn in the house.

On the latest episode, everything was starting to work against Rachel and Brendon, the most pivotal being the moment they realized they would not be competing in the veto competition. To add insult to injury, every other houseguest is participating in the competition. Set in a corn field, houseguests must get the lowest score in each round and shocker, Adam takes home the bacon -- but barely.

Rachel and Brendon's fates are in Adam and Daniele's hands. With the possbility of being backdoored now more possible than ever, is it too late for Rachel and Brendon to make a deal with Daniele that will stick? After Jordan gives up a phone call from home so Shelly could hear her children, she comes out wearing a "humilitard." It's clear Daniele has made the decision to backdoor Brendon, clearing it with ally Kalia and talking it over with Jeff (who is obviously on board).

Rachel and Brendon, however, believe that their deal with Daniele is still good and make sure that it still stands. Rachel throws Jeff and Jordan, introducing the idea to Daniele that she maybe should backdoor them. "I'll think about it," Daniele replies. So when Adam takes himself off the block, Daniele did the expected thing: put up Brendon as a replacement nominee.

Will Brendon be evicted for a second time or will Shelly be the one walking out the door?

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