'Big Brother 13': Brendon Fools Daniele, Forces Her to Put Up a Replacement Nominee

One night before the next live eviction, Daniele's No. 1 target tries to pull one over her eyes -- and it works, sort of.
"Big Brother"

With Rachel and Brendon up on for eviction on Big Brother this week, the house's power couple doesn't take it too well with the threat of them being split up on Thursday.

Let's Start Crying

Rachel and Brendon throw a pity party after the nomination ceremony in the Have Nots room, with Brendon continuing to reassure his fiancee that if he wins the veto competition the following day, that he will sacrifice himself and use the veto on her to ensure her safety in the house. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan still believe that Daniele is up to something, with the possibility of a backdooring situation on their minds. As veterans of the Big Brother game, nothing ever escapes the two. Rachel and Brendon join Jeff and Jordan and everyone is in agreement: Daniele would be ecstatic if Brendon or Jeff left the house on Thursday.

After the veto competition players are chosen (Rachel, Brendon, Daniele, Jeff, Adam and Porsche), Jeff and Jordan are already thinking ahead to the following week. They'll tell Daniele that the deal they forged is still good (since she hasn't nominated them for eviction), but if Jeff and Jordan make it through to next week, backdooring Daniele will become a "definite possibility," Jeff declares.

Veto Competition Gets Heated

The veto competition is a doozy. With the backyard filled with challenges from previous weeks, the rules of the game are simple: Whoever writes down the fastest time they believe they can complete the task must try and complete it in the time they said. If they fail, they're out of the game but if they succeed, the houseguest who wrote the slowest time will be eliminated. Jeff wants to win the veto competition so that he can keep the nominations safe.

Rachel knocks out Adam after successfully chewing bubblegum in under two minutes. In the second round, Rachel is forced to finish a puzzle in under 38 seconds, but she can't do it so she takes herself out of the competition. Daniele is eliminated in the spelling round after failing to spell "nominations" in 29 seconds or less. The pressure is on Jeff to complete the milking round in less than 59 seconds and was that close to filling the jug. It comes down to Brendon and Porsche in the final round: Brendon is forced grab a hole-in-one in under 33 seconds and with two seconds left, he gets it. After he wins, Brendon reveals a plan that he'll tell the houseguests that he'll use the veto on himself when in actuality, he'll use it on Rachel. Will it fool Daniele?

Jeff and Jordan go up to the HOH room to make sure things are still good with Daniele (and they are). Jordan introduces the idea of putting her up as a replacement nominee should Brendon take Rachel off the block. Daniele is a lot more willing to work with them than she is with Rachel and Brendon, who make a visit later. (Another thing to note: Brendon lies to Jeff about using the veto on himself. Will that cause some uproar later on?) Brendon lies to Daniele and tells her that he's planning to use the veto on himself in hopes that he'll throw her off her game. Daniele is reluctant to fully take in everything he's saying, however, but viewers find out that Daniele did ultimately buy into Brendon's fib.

Brendon Sacrifices Himself

Things are tense during the veto meeting with Daniele and Jeff believing that Brendon will take himself off the block, so when he takes Rachel off, Daniele is forced to make a last-minute decision and no surprise, she puts up Jordan in Rachel's place. Who will be evicted?

Quote of the Night

  • "Watching Brendon cheer on Rachel made me think of what they're probably like when they're in the sack. 'Come on baby, you can do it. I'm almost there, come on, come on.' And America can all collectively barf." -- Kalia

CBS teases that there will be a "special appearance" by Evel Dick in tomorrow's live eviction episode.