'Big Brother 13': Daniele Makes Her Move and Nominates a Power Couple

With the lines clearly drawn in the house, the new Head of Household makes her allegiances known.
"Big Brother"

After newbie Dominic gets evicted on Thursday (partially due to Daniele's plan to backdoor Jeff) on Big Brother, the line is clearly drawn in the sand in the house. Everyone's gunning for Daniele -- and to a lesser degree, Kalia -- so who wins the pivotal HOH competition?

Daniele's for the Taking

With Daniele as public enemy No. 1 and Kalia a close second, everyone in the house is fighting for the next HOH. It's an endurance competition, with Adam the first to fall off after nine minutes. He picks a snowball and is ordered to wear an elf suit for the entire week. Lawon is next to fall off after nearly 20 minutes and becomes a Have Not for the week. After 35 minutes, Brendon falls off and becomes a Have Not. Jeff decides to jump off after 51 minutes and decides to go after the $10,000 -- which he gets. Jordan follows at 57 minutes on the skis. Porsche falls next and Daniele's plan to win the HOH is going her way.

The veterans need Shelly to win the prize, but after struggling to stay upright, she succumbs to the pain and falls after nearly 90 minutes, leaving Kalia and Daniele. Kalia is confident Daniele won't put her up on the block, jumping off after 97 minutes. At this point, Jeff is sure he'll be a target. Daniele and Kalia celebrate in the snack room while everyone else (namely Rachel and Brendon) has a pity party.

The Power Couples Stick Together

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon rehash their plan to stick together. According to them, Shelly and Porsche are still on their side and believe that if Daniele's counting on Kalia to side with her, she has another thing coming. "No one's ever won this game by themselves," Brendon says in the Have Not room. When the houseguests go up to Daniele's HOH room, the veterans are so over it that they don't even feigh excitement. (Except Lawon, who is ecstatic about wearing the HOH robe.)

Daniele Offers a Truce?

Daniele, in an effort to mend some fences from last week's blow-up, offers a truce to Jeff and Jordan. If she doesn't put them up this week, she would like the same in return from them next week should they be in power. Jeff reluctantly accepts the "truce" but warns Daniele: "I do appreciate you extending that, whether it happens, we'll see." What's going on in Daniele's head?

While Jordan and Jeff are contemplating their fates, Rachel and Porsche have the brilliant idea to run a mile in the backyard of the Big Brother house. During one of the laps, Rachel stumbles right in front of Jeff. "Holy sh--," was his only reaction before laughing. The Have Nots for the week are forced to eat seaweed and sardines, thanks to America.

Rachel and Brendon Try to Make Nice

Rachel and Brendon make their way up to Daniele's HOH room to try and make a deal with Daniele, who doesn't seem to be as open to hearing their side of the story. Damage control is the name of the game, with Rachel pleading with Daniele that it is beneficial for her game to have the original veterans alliance stick together. Daniele (sort of) lies to them when she says she's not making deals with anyone just yet. (See: Daniele's converation with Jeff and Jordan.)

Daniele Keeps Her Word

To Jeff and Jordan. At this point in the game, no one really knows what Daniele's moves are. She could realign with the veterans or target one of the stronger players. When her nominations are ultimately revealed (Rachel and Brendon), Jeff is amazed that Daniele kept to their truce. But he's still thinking there is some possibility of a backdoor. Rachel and Brendon, on the other hand, are furious and Brendon says in the Diary Room: "I'm willing to do what any man should do when they are truly in love with somebod. I'm gonna win that Power of Veto this week, I'm gonna take Rachel off the block and make sure that she's absolutely safe."

Quote of the Night

  • "I think Brendon and Rachel are saying their goodbyes now." -- Daniele to Kalia during endurance competition